12/29/2012 Rhythm and Grooves

Playlist Tracks: 
Illinois Jacquet - Frantic Fannie
Album: Illinois Jacquet; Label: Columbia
# Mark Vandermyde - Blueberry junction
Album: Fuzzy Math; Label: Bric - o - Lage
# Parker Paisley - Could You Be Deceived?
Album: Satori for a Hungry Ghost; Label: Self-Produced
Koplant No - Baby (With a Monocle)
Album: Koplant No; Label: Mize
# Larry McDonough & Richard Terrill - A Rose for Two
Album: Solitude; Label: Self-Produced
Jeremy Siskind - The Inevitable Letdown
Album: Finger-Songwriter; Label: BJU
Pat Mallinger Quartet - Nagasaki
Album: Home on Richmond; Label: PJM Jazz
Jack McDuff - Theme for an Electric Surfboard
Album: 45 rpm Single; Label: Blue Note
# Christine Rosholt - Isn't It a Lovely Day
Album: Lipstick; Live at the Dakota; Label: Perfect Lips
# Chris Bates' Red5 - Maliopolis
Album: New Hope; Label: Technecore
# Jeanne Arland Peterson - Zing Went the Strings
Album: 88 Grand; Label: Celebration Records
# Jeanne Arland Peterson - Willow Weep for Me
Album: 88 Grand; Label: Celebration Records
# Jana Nyberg Group - Inside a Bottle
Album: Fever; Label: Meckler Music HOuse
Air Date: 
December 29, 2012

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