12/28/2012 Voice Cried Softly

Playlist Tracks: 
Iggy and the Stooges - T.V. Eye
Album: Funhouse; Label: Elektra
Helios Creed - Fire in the Head
Album: Planet X; Label: AmRep
The Dirtbombs - It's Not Fun Until they see you Cry
Album: We Have You Surrounded; Label: In the Red
The Spitters - 20 Min. into Cancer
Album: Give; Label: Funky Mushroom
Annie Enneking & the Bang Bang - All the Girls
Album: Annie Enneking & the Bang Bang self-titled debut album to be released in Mid-March, 2013; Label: Self-Produced
Grifters - Tupelo Moon
Album: One Sock Missing; Label: Shangri La
Barbara Manning - Walking Stick
Album: In New Zealand; Label: Revolver
the Faith Healers - Run Out Groove
Album: Imaginary Friend; Label: too pure
Robyn Hitchcock - Television
Album: Spooked; Label: Yep Roc
Party of One - One Way to Fly
Album: One Nation Under Fire; Label: Self-Produced
10 minute Emergency Broadcast Test - Hope you feel safe
Album: ; Label:
Dirty Three - Rising Below
Album: Toward the Low Sun; Label: Drag City
fursaxa - divine whirl
Album: fursaxa; Label: Ecstatic Peace
Steelpole Bathtub - Borstal
Album: Steelpole Bathtub; Label: Boner
Love Child - All is Loneliness
Album: 7"; Label: Forced Exposure
BALL - When is a Man
Album: Bird; Label: Shimmy Disc
Jad Fair & Jason Willett - Damage Done
Album: Enjoyable Songs; Label: Alternative Tentacles
Crystallized Movements - Death Rats/Overture
Album: Dog. Tree. Sattellite Seers; Label: Forced Exposure
Shit Fi - End Over End
Album: Missing; Label: Velcro Lounge
All The Pretty Horses *Go See them Friday 12/29 at Cause - Alchemy
Album: 10 Bones; Label: Skindog
Sun City Girls - Ben's Radio
Album: Funeral Mariachi; Label: Abduction
dadamah - High Time
Album: 7"; Label: Xpressway
Air Date: 
December 28, 2012

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