12/26/2012 Modern Kicks


WE SURVIVED -- and look at all these wonderful gifts!

Pour yourself another glass of eggnog and tune into this new episode -- including new songs from WAVVES, VERONICA FALLS, SAM FLAX, PUNKS ON MARS, and THE BAD LOVERS!

Playlist Tracks: 
The Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks
Album: Guitar Romantic; Label: Screaming Apple; 2003
The Bad Lovers - Actin' Strange
Album: Actin' Strange; Label: Burger City Rock n Roll; 2012
The Ettes - Safely Down The Road
Album: Safely Down The Road (7"); Label: Krian; 2012
Muncie Girls - Kasper and Rainbow
Album: Revolution Summer EP; Label: Specialist Subject; 2012
The New Pornographers - Up In The Dark
Album: Together; Label: Matador; 2010
Wavves - Sail To The Sun
Album: Untitled Album; Label: Self-Released; 2013
The Men - Please Don't Go Away
Album: Open Your Heart; Label: Sacred Bones; 2012
Yuck - Chew
Album: Chew (Single); Label: Self-Released; 2012
The Pinsch - Wanna Gotta Gonna
Album: The Pinsch (7"); Label: Ramo; 2012
Peach Kelli Pop - Stay Away
Album: VA: Wilfully Obscure; Label: Burger; 2012
King Tuff - Wild Desire
Album: Wild Desire (7"); Label: Suicide Squeeze; 2012
Paul Collins' Beat - She Doesn't Want To Hang Around With You
Album: Ribbon of Gold; Label: Phantom Sound & Vision; 2008
Bad Sports - Teenage Girls
Album: Kings Of The Weekend; Label: Dirtnap; 2011
Heavy Times - Unsolved Mysteries
Album: I'm Single (7"); Label: Hozac; 2012
Bleached - Electric Chair
Album: Searching Through The Past (7"); Label: Suicide Squeeze; 2011
Lazy - Party City
Album: Party City (7"); Label: Moniker; 2012
Sam Flax - Another Day
Album: Age Waves; Label: Burger; 2012
Veronica Falls - Teenage
Album: Waiting For Something To Happen; Label: Slumberland; 2013
Cola - Cola Shock Kids
Album: Cola Shock Kids (7"); Label: Hozac; 2012
Punks On Mars - Showers of Pain
Album: Bad Expectations; Label: Zoo Music; 2012
Prissy Clerks - No Sir
Album: Bruise Or Be Bruised; Label: Forged Artifacts; 2012
Allah-Las - Vis-A-Vis
Album: Allah-Las; Label: Innovative Leisure; 2012
Mrs. Magician - There Is No God
Album: Strange Heaven; Label: Swami; 2012
France Camp - Let's Roll
Album: Your Leather; Label: Self-Released; 2012
Crocodiles - Picture My Face
Album: Endless Flowers (7"); Label: Frenchkiss; 2012
The Creeps - Fist City
Album: It's 1983, Grow Up; Label: Black Tent Press; 2012
Twerps - Work It Out
Album: Work It Out (7"); Label: Underwater Peoples; 2012
Little Cuts - Plastic Disaster
Album: Plastic Disaster (7"); Label: Dirtnap; 2011
Bass Drum of Death - Heart Attack Kid
Album: GB City; Label: Fat Possum; 2012
Mind Spiders - Wait For Us
Album: Meltdown; Label: Dirtnap; 2012
Xray Eyeballs - Four
Album: Spendor Squalor; Label: Kanine; 2012
Magic Jake & the Power Crystals - Loving Knife
Album: Magic Jake & the Power Crystals; Label: Burger; 2011
Negative Nancy - I Wanna Be Your Batman
Album: The Urge; Label: Self-Released; 2012
Air Date: 
December 26, 2012

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