12/23/2012 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentation - This is one of the really big questions of life - Do Angels Really Have Wings?  Well, maybe not that near the top of the list of BIG questions, but it's an interesting one all the same.  It's the title of a new Jack Flanders story from ZBS. Jack has what appears to be a dream and finds himself in Heaven.  He meets a few friends and a talking dog, and decides to look around Heaven, riding on his old childhood bicycle, a blue Schwinn Cruiser.  And since he's in the neighborhood, he figures he might as well tour a little Hell while he's at it.  It's all about learning.

Meatball Fulton wrote the script based around information he got while recording a friend of his having conversations with Meatball's wife who died a few years ago.  If there is anyone in my life I've met that I think could carry this kind of thing off, it was Meatball's wife.

Selected Shorts - Stan Freberg's classic Green Christmas, where the advertisers talk about the true meaning of the holidays, to them.  And we have a really short piece, that also really really old.  A recording of President Benjamin Harrison speaking in 1889 and recorded on a wax cylinder. 

If you'd like to see some live radio theater, performed on a stage, you might consider Big Fun Radio, a new show at the Bryant Lake Bowl on January 18th, 2013. Local comedy writers supply scripts and local actors take on the parts.  All original.  Check out the Bryant Lake Bowl website, or the Fearless Comedy website for more information. I'm going to be there.


Playlist Tracks: 
Meatball Fulton - Do Angels Really Have Wings?
Album: Do Angels Really Have Wings; Label: ZBS.org
Stan Freberg - Green Christmas
Album: Capitol Collector's Series; Label: Capitol Records
Grim Riper - Benjamin Harrison
Album: 1889 Wax Cylinder; Label: Archive.org
Air Date: 
December 23, 2012

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