12/23/2012 Wave Project



Dedicated to the re-emergence of synthesized-based pop music. Host Noah Kaufmann takes you on a journey to a side of pop music not often heard on local airwaves. Synthesizer music, popularized throughout the ’80s, has re-emerged, remastered and, in many ways, superior in quality to that of the genre to which it pays tribute.
Host: Noah Kaufmann
Guest: Jacob Kaufmann
Engineer: Libby Donohue
image artwork by SelloRekt/la dreams
Playlist Tracks: 
Tesla Boy - Make Believe Ballroom
Album: Modern Thrills; Label:
mitch murder - In The News
Album: Current Events; Label:
Miami Nights 1984 - On The Run
Album: Early Summer; Label:
POWER GLOVE - Maximum Potential
Album: So Bad; Label:
Final DJs - One Day In The Sun
Album: MN84 remix; Label:
Robots With Rayguns - Runaway (ft. Patrick Baker)
Album: RWR; Label:
Patrick Baker - Get 2 Know U
Album: Get To Know You (single); Label:
Visitor - RNB
Album: Coming Home (Remixes) - EP; Label:
Arcade High - Beauty Queen
Album: Beauty Queen - EP; Label:
Photosynthesi - Nice To Meet You
Album: Photosynthesi; Label:
Sellorekt/LA Dreams - Future Earth Contact
Album: Perfect Summer; Label:
palm highway chase - Song For Rocky Theme
Album: Songs For Rocky; Label: