12/17/2012 MinneCulture


Deadbeats on the Air was founded at KFAI radio in 2008 by Britt Aamodt, Michael Fischbein and Mike Stapp.

 “A North Shore Christmas Karol” Part I

Michael Fischbein: Seamus Karol Kirsten Yocum: Caroler Nora Yocum: Young girl Oliver Yocum: Tim Crochet Nancy Donoval: Jeannie McFlivver, Mary Crochet, Lydia Mike Stapp: Bob Crochet Alice Barry: Head Caroler, Jenny, Grocery Store Wife, Grocery Store PA Eric Ringham: Narrator, Finlayson, Thrift Store Owner Andy Driscoll: Axel Morstad Meaghan DiSciorico: Ghost of Christmas Past, Storekeeper Damon Runnals: Dennis, Young Seamus, Storekeeper, Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, Mr. Seglum, Grocery Store Husband Nan Montgomery: Ghost of Christmas Present, Mrs. Seglum

Liz Olds: Banjo Mike Fischbein: Original music Tom Tschantz: Audio engineer Miriam Queensen: Script editor Michael Fischbein: Producer, Sound Editor, Sound Effects Mike Stapp: Producer, Sound Effects Britt Aamodt: Writer, Director, Producer

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December 17, 2012