12/17/2012 Health Notes


Dig Deep in One Place: A Couple's Journey to a Spiritual Life" explains the actual recipe that the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are and how they can assist anyone in the transformation of their lives. This important Health Notes conversation will explain how the Fifield's lived their lives together moving through their relationship, marriage, codependency, addiction, and health issues to happy, joyous freedom. The Steps are way to rise above fear and live a happy and peaceful life. The Fifield's have no desire to tell anyone how to do the Twelve Steps but to begin to scrape away.

Playlist Tracks: 
Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin
Album: If That What It Takes; Label: Warner Bros
Dr. Jonathon Arnold - Strokes and the Young
Topics: Health Note on Strokes and the young
Bill and Sandy Fifield - Dig Deep In One Place
Topics: Using The 12 Steps for Spiritual Awakening
Air Date: 
December 17, 2012

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