11/5/2007 Jet Set Planet


Ted Heath covers the Rolling Stones?
Music to Scare Hell out of your Neighbors?
A good version of Theme to a Summer Place?
A record put out by Chevrolet?

All these things sound wonderful on the Cosima Radio Console.

Playlist Tracks: 
Joe Harnell - One Note Samba
Album: Fly Me to the Moon; Label: Kapp
Ted Heath - Honky Tonk Woman
Album: the Big Ones; Label: Phase 4
Gary McFarland - Trying to Find a Way
Album: Scorpio and other signs; Label: Verve
The Chevrolet All-Stars - Impala
Album: Building a Better Way: The 1974 Cheverolet Announcement Film; Label: Chevy
Billy May - Juan Coolisto
Album: Johnny Cool; Label: UA
Skip Martin - Richard Diamond
Album: Music to Scare hell Out of Your Neighbors; Label: Somerset
Elmer Bernstein - Main Title
Album: The Silencers; Label: RCA
Paul Mauriat - Inch Allah
Album: Blooming Hits; Label: Philips
James Last - U-Hambah
Album: Achtung!; Label: Bureau B
Hugo Montenegro - Suzie
Album: Candy's Theme and other treats; Label: RCA
Leroy Holmes - Maori Brown Eyes
Album: Hawaii with a Bongo Beat; Label: MGM
Les Baxter - Mozambique
Album: Tamboo!; Label: Capitol
Richard Hayman - Listen to the Sea
Album: Cinemagic Sounds; Label: Command
Dick Schory - Omoo
Album: Re-Percussion; Label: Everest
Hermanos Aviles Orch - C-H-A
Album: Got a Date with you in Havana; Label: Aamco
Teodoro Morales and his Latin Rhythmneers - Merengue
Album: Torrid Latin Dances; Label: Fortuna
Hugo Montenegro - Theme to a Summer Place
Album: Cha Chas for Dancing; Label: Time
Rene Hernandez - Clap Your Hands Cha Cha Cha
Album: Percussive Latino Cha Cha Cha Doctored for Super Stereo; Label: AF
Sid Cooper - If I were a bell
Album: Percussive Jazz Doctored for Super Stereo Vol. 2; Label: AF
Peter Appleyard - The Man that Got Away
Album: Percussive Jazz Doctored for Super Stereo Vol. 2; Label: AF
Al Caiola - Just in Time
Album: Percussion and Guitars; Label: Time
Richard Marino - Gone with the Wind
Album: Out of this World; Label: Liberty
Percussion All-Stars - El Choclo
Album: Progressive Percussion; Label: Modern
Roger King Mozian - Percussive Blues
Album: Spectacular Percussion; Label: MGM
Frances Faye - All the Things you are
Album: Relaxin' with Frances Faye; Label: Bethlehem
John Neel and Plas Johnson - Bury me Blue
Album: Blue Martini; Label: AVA
Shorty Rogers - The Classic 2,000
Album: Bug-In; Label: Capitol
Air Date: 
November 5, 2007

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