12/16/2012 Root Of All Evil

Playlist Tracks: 
Roger Waters - To Kill The Child
Album: To Kill A Child & Leaving Beirut; Label: Columbia
Negativland - Then
Album: Guns; Label: Sst
Primal Fear - Smith & Wesson
Album: 16.6; Label: 16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead)
Flotsam and Jetsam - 12 Year Old With A Gun
Album: Drift; Label: MCA Records
Overkill - Time To Kill
Album: The Years Of Decay; Label: Atlantic Records
Testament - Man Kills Mankind
Album: Dark Roots Of Earth; Label: Nuclear Blast
Old Head - Kill,Kill,Kill
Album: Maximum Rock; Label: At War With False Noise
Mortillery - Murder Death KIll
Album: Murder Death Kill; Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Judas Priest - Prophecy
Album: A Touch Of Evil Live; Label: Epic Sony
Dream Evil - Doomlord
Album: United; Label: Century Media Records
Sanity's Rage - Thumbs For End Of The World
Album: You Are What You Swallow; Label: Thumbs For End Of The World
Onslaught - Destroyer Of Worlds
Album: Killing Peace; Label: Candlelight Records
Thrashist Regime - Apocalyptic Epidemic
Album: Fearful Symmetry; Label: Fat Hippy
Warbringer - At The Crack Of Doom
Album: War Without End; Label: Century Media Records
Kreator - Dying Race Apocalypse
Album: Enemy Of God; Label: Steamhammer Records
Toxik - False Prophets
Album: World Circus; Label: Roadrunner Records
Destruction - City Of Doom
Album: Spiritual Genocide; Label: Nuclear Blast
Metallica - My Apocalypse
Album: Death Magnetic; Label: Warmer Brohs. Records
Skulldom - Kill This Fucking World
Album: Kill This Fucking World; Label: Self-released/independent
Sterbhaus - Faceplant Armageddon
Album: Angels for Breakfast …And God for Lunch; Label: Killhead Productions
Goatwhore - Apocalyptic Havoc
Album: Carving Out The Eyes Of God; Label: Metal Blade Records
Satanika - Apocalyptic Terror
Album: Infection; Label: Iron Shield Records
Drunkard - Triggering th Apocalypse
Album: Like Sin Explode; Label: Surgical Diathesis Records
Terror 2000 - Son Of A Gun, Daughter of A Slaughter
Album: Slaughterhouse Supremacy; Label: Scarlet Records
The Great Kat - Kill the Mothers
Album: Worship Me Or Die; Label: Roadracer Records
Negativland - Now
Album: Guns; Label: Sst
Wednesday 13 - Kill You Before You Kill Me
Album: Fang Bang; Label: Rykodisc
D.R.I. - Gun Control
Album: Thrash Zone; Label: Metal Blade Records
Sodom - Bibles And Guns
Album: Sodom; Label: Steamhammer Records
Negativland - The Gun And The Bible
Album: Free; Label: Seeland Records
Napalm Death - Got Time To Kill
Album: Utopia Banished; Label: Earache Records
Gwar - Crush Kill Destroy
Album: Ragnarök; Label: Metal Blade Records
Slapdash - Kill Yourself
Album: Bound; Label: MNW Music
Sectorial - Why Are You Killing Yourself
Album: E.A.R.T.H.; Label: Metal Scrap Records
The Crown - Kill Em All
Album: Possesssed 13; Label: Metal Blade
Nasum - Feed Them,Kill Them, Skin Them
Album: Inhale/Exhale; Label: Relapse Records
Obituary - Killing Victims Found
Album: World Demise; Label: Roadrunner Records
Amon Amarth - Slaves Of Fear
Album: Surtur Rising; Label: Metal Blade Records
Gorgoroth - Revelation
Album: Under The Sign Of Hell; Label: Malicious Records
Terrorizer - Doomed Forever
Album: Darker Days Ahead; Label: Century Media Records
Pestilence - Prophetic Revelations
Album: Testimony Of The Ancients; Label: Roadrunner Records
Pentacle - The Beast of Apocalypse
Album: Seven Gates Of Horror - A Tribute To Possessed; Label: Karmageddon Media
Skelteria - Filler Of Doom
Album: The Nightmare Begins; Label: Self-released/independent
Malevolant Creation - Eve of the Apocalypse
Album: Retribution; Label: Roadrunner Records
Grand Supreme Blood Court - ... And Thus the Billions Shall Burn
Album: Bow Down Before the Blood Court; Label: Century Media Records
Deicide - Apocalyptic Fear
Album: Insineratehymn; Label: Roadrunner Records
Root - The Apocalypse
Album: Heritage Of Satan; Label: Agonia Records
Mortician - Apcalyptic Devastaion
Album: Hacked Up for Barbecue; Label: Relapse Records
Black Witchery - Apocalyptic Carnage
Album: Inferno of Sacred Destruction; Label: Osmose Productions
Atrocity - Apocalypse
Album: Let War Rage; Label: Mad Lion Records
Bloodshoteye - Prophet Of Doom
Album: Expect The Unexpected; Label: CDN Records
Dissection - Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane
Album: Storm Of The Lights Bane; Label: Nuclear Blast
Gortal - Doombringer
Album: Deamonolith; Label: Pagan Records
The Grotesquery - The Chtullhu Prophecy
Album: The Facts and Terrifying Testament of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales; Label: Cyclone Empire
Dark Funeral - The End Of The Human Race
Album: Angelus Exuro pro Eternus; Label: Regain Records
Septicflesh - Apocalypse
Album: The Great Mass; Label: Season of Mist
Moonblood - Bells Of the Apocalypse
Album: Sob A Lua Do Bode / Demoniac Vengeance; Label: End All Life Productions
Hades Almighty - Apocalypse
Album: The Pulse Of Decay; Label: Psycho Bitch
Dimmu Borgir - Progenies of the Great Apocalypse
Album: Death Cult Armageddon; Label: Nuclear Blast
John Zorn - Prophetic Souls
Album: Templars- In Sacred Blood; Label: Tzadik
Howard Shore - The White Council (Extended)
Album: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey; Label: WaterTower Music
Air Date: 
December 16, 2012

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