12/7/2012 Voice Cried Softly

Playlist Tracks: 
THE SOFT MACHINE - I Should've Known
Album: (Jet-Propelled Photographs); Label: Varese Sarabande 1967
U.F.O. - Lights Out
Album: (Strangers in the Night); Label: Chrysalis 1978
WHY ARE THE FLOWERS SO RED - The Border Regions, Rich As the South
Album: (Film Songs); Label: China Record Company 1978
FROG EYES - The Mayor Laments the Failures of His Many Townfolk
Album: (The Bloody Hand); Label: Global Symphonic 2002
RINGO STARR - Only You (and You Alone)
Album: (Goodnight Vienna); Label: Apple 1974
JUDAS PRIEST - Call for the Priest/Raw Deal
Album: (Sin After Sin); Label: Columbia 1977
DUSTDEVILS - Mouthful of Stars
Album: (Rhenyard's Grin); Label: Rouska 1987
THE DOORS - Been Down So Long
Album: (L.A. Woman); Label: Elektra 1971
THE GOLDEN LEMONS - Happy Birthday Laila
Album: (Punkrock); Label: Jet Set 1991
IRON MAIDEN - Charlotte the Harlot
Album: (self); Label: Harvest 1980
NEKTAR - A Tab in the Ocean
Album: (A Tab in the Ocean); Label: Bellaphon 1972
THE INTIMA - Blue Coffins
Album: (Peril & Panic); Label: Slowdance 2003
STUFF SMITH AND HIS ONYX CLUB BOYS - Here Comes the Man with the Jive
Album: (Reefer Songs); Label: Stash 1936
Album: (Anti-Matter); Label: self 2012
THE RONETTES - (The Best Part of) Breakin' Up
Album: (Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica); Label: Philles 1964
LUCIFER'S FRIEND - Prince of Darkness
Album: (Where the Groupies Killed the Blues); Label: Billingsgate 1975
Album: (Parplar); Label: Young God 2008
THE AMBOY DUKES - Prodigal Man
Album: (Migration); Label: Mainstream 1969
Air Date: 
December 7, 2012

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