12/2/2012 Eritrean Community Radio


Horn of Africa news summary in English
Eritrean news coverage in Tigrigna
Community center issues
Assistance to Eritreans with citizenship application
public service announcement, grieving of a death in the community


Playlist Tracks: 
Unknown - Kunama
Album: Kunama song; Label: Eritrrean
Denait Teklai - Helping Eritreans with English and applying for citizenship
Topics: Jane Adams School of Democracy assisting Eritreans with citizenship application and English
Dawit Solomon - Community Center and current issues
Topics: The current status of our comunity center and how it is proceeding, What activities took place at the community
Ruth Ogbaselassie - Community Center membership
Topics: What is the current status of the community membership. What is the financial status of the community.
Air Date: 
December 2, 2012

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