11/28/2012 Modern Kicks


It's another exciting edition of the program as Sean talks about his Black Friday experience.  At some point in the program he starts to feel a little unwell.  See if you can pinpoint where it all starts to go wrong.

Listen to this exciting two-hour set of new music -- including new songs from YUCK, ALLAH-LAS, FANTASY RAINBOW, PAWS and FOXYGEN!

Playlist Tracks: 
The Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks
Album: Guitar Romantic; Label: Screaming Apple; 2003
Gross Magic - We're Awake Tonight
Album: Teen Jamz; Label: The Sweet Sound of Nothing; 2011
Magic Jake & the Power Crystals - Loving Knife
Album: Magic Jake & the Power Crystals; Label: Burger; 2011
Yuck - Chew
Album: Chew (Single); Label: Self-Released; 2012
Mean Jeans - Ready 2 Rip
Album: On Mars; Label: Dirtnap; 2012
The Like - He's Not A Boy
Album: Release Me; Label: Geffen; 2010
Bad Sports - Can't Just Be Friends
Album: Kings of the Weekend; Label: Dirtnap; 2011
The Barbaras - Summertime Road
Album: 2006-2008; Label: Goner; 2012
Teen Mom - You and Me
Album: You and Me (Single); Label: Self-Released; 2012
Garbo's Daughter - He Makes My Heart Go Pop
Album: Goes Pop! (CS); Label: Burger; 2009
Gum - Fast
Album: Seventeen EP; Label: Tiny Lights; 2012
Allah-Las - Vis-A-Vis
Album: Allah-Las; Label: Innovative Leisure; 2012
Splinters - Mysterious
Album: Kick; Label: Double Negative; 2010
Fantasy Rainbow - O, Weirdo
Album: O, Weirdo (7"); Label: Heist or Hit; 2012
Foxygen - Shuggie
Album: We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic; Label: Jagjaguwar; 2013
The Eeries - Should've Stayed Home
Album: Home Alone; Label: Evil Weevil; 2012
Paws - Homecoming
Album: Cokefloat!; Label: Fat Cat; 2012
La Luz - Sure As Spring
Album: Damp Face; Label: Self-Released; 2012
CROSSS - Mountain King
Album: Bones Brigade (CS); Label: Self-Released; 2011
The Jim Jones Revue - Where Da Money Go?
Album: The Savage Heart; Label: Play It Again Sam; 2012
Scared of Chaka - All My Friends Are Ghosts
Album: Tired of You; Label: Hopeless/Sub City; 1999
Fatal Jamz - Scorpion Chain
Album: Fatal Jamz; Label: Gnar; 2012
Nude Beach - Keep It Cool
Album: II; Label: Other Music; 2012
The Pinsch - Wanna Gotta Gonna
Album: The Pinsch (7"); Label: Ramo; 2012
Plateaus - Oh Man
Album: Plateaus; Label: Art Fag; 2012
Sweater Girls - Infatuation Street
Album: Sweater Girls Were Here; Label: HHBTM; 2012
Ringo Deathstarr - Burn
Album: Mauve; Label: Sonic Unyon; 2012
Skeleton Coast - Rupees
Album: Skeleton Coast; Label: Self-Released; 2012
Radiator Hospital - Can't Hardly Wait
Album: Welcome to the Jungle; Label: Already Dead; 2012
Air Date: 
November 28, 2012