11/25/2012 Wave Project


Straight Up MAJENGA!

A unique blending and mixing of different genres:  Jazz, Funk, Soul, thematic soundtracks, spy music, Moog, Library, World & Exotic Beats, a lots of overlooked gems from the 50s, 60s and 70s.  They flow together in a complimentary fashion, a funky thread of downbeat grooves.

Playlist Tracks: 
Release Music Orchestra - Atlantis
Album: Get the Ball; Label: Brain
Johnny Harris - Fragment of Fear
Album: ; Label: Warner Brothers
Geof Love - Three Days of the Condor
Album: ; Label: EMI
Waters - Trying Hard to Look Inside
Album: ; Label: Blue Note
Don Cherry - Universal Mother
Album: Hear & Now; Label: Atlantic
Mort Garson - The Kung-Fu
Album: ; Label: Old Town Records
Herbie Mann - The Turtle and The Frog
Album: First Light; Label: Atlantic
Johnny Lytle - Tawhid
Album: People & Love; Label: Milestone
Ruby Andrews - You Ole Boo Boo You
Album: ; Label: Zodiac Recors
Jean Ammons - Jungle Strut
Album: Brother Jug; Label: Prestige
Ray Bryant - Stick With It
Album: 1970; Label: Atlantic