11/25/2012 Root Of All Evil

Playlist Tracks: 
Judas Priest - Dreamer Deceiver
Album: Sad Wings of Destiny; Label: Gull
Iron Maiden - Sanctuary
Album: Iron Maiden; Label: EMI Records
Hell Theater - Escape From The Bloody House On The HIll
Album: Reincarnation of Evil; Label: My Graveyard Productions
Iced Earth - Burnt Offerings
Album: Burnt Offerings ( promo rough mixes); Label: Burnt Offerings
Toxik - World Circus
Album: World Circus; Label: Roadrunner Records
Defiance - Death Machine
Album: Product Of Society; Label: Roadrunner Records
Avenger Of Blood - Sadistic Inquisitor
Album: Death Brigade; Label: Heavy Artillery Records
Destruction - Carnivore (Guset Version)Bonus
Album: Spiritual Genocide; Label: Nuclear Blast
Death Angel - Disturbing the Peace
Album: ACT III; Label: Geffen Records
Overkill - They Eat Their Young
Album: W.F.O.; Label: Atlantic Records
Nuclear Assault - To Serve Man
Album: Something Wicked; Label: I.R.S. Records
Possessed - The Beast of the Apocalypse
Album: Beyond The Gates; Label: Combat Records
Lost World Order - Cyber Terror
Album: Parasites; Label: Self Released
Riverge - Ready To Dive
Album: Raid For Riverging; Label: Rock Stakk Records
Helbringer - The Rites Of Evil
Album: Dominion Of Darkness; Label: High Roller Records
Maze Of Terror - Rivals
Album: Skullcrusher (EP); Label: Capricorn Records
Okkultokrati - Nothing Awaits
Album: Snakereigns; Label: Fysisk Format
Soulpherous - The Exorcist (Possessed)
Album: Rest In Hell; Label: Buil2Kill Records
Sepultura - Sarcastic Existence
Album: Beneath The Remains; Label: Roadrunner Records
Sofisticator - Burger Hell
Album: Camping The Vein; Label: EBM Records
Sinate - Submit Your Blood
Album: To the Death; Label: Self Released
Daigoro - The Patience Of A Bullet
Album: 2011; Label: Self Released
Hod - …And Smoke Will Rise
Album: Ossuary Industries Limb Splitter; Label: Ossuary Industries
Grand Supreme Blood Court - ... And Thus the Billions Shall Burn
Album: Bow Down Before the Blood Court; Label: Century Media Records
Aeon - Still They Prey
Album: Aeons Black; Label: Metal Blade Records
Troglodyte - Sasquatch Ocean
Album: Don't Go in the Woods; Label: Self-released/independent
Dethrone - The Global Profit
Album: Dethrone; Label: Extreminal Productions
We Are Legion - The Harvest
Album: The Institution; Label: Zero Budget Productions
Guillen - Transcending Existance
Album: Eclipse; Label: Self-released/independent
Entrapment - Soul Entrapment
Album: The Obscurity Within; Label: Soulseller Records
Apocalyptic Salvation - Skull's Collector
Album: Skull's Collector; Label: Self-released/independent
Gruesome Stuff Relish - Matando Gueros
Album: Quijotizmo (Tributo A Brujeria) ; Label: www.donquijotesmarijuanos.com
Internal Damage - Under Surveillance
Album: Age Of Violence; Label: EveryDayHate
Waco Jesus - I Live For This Shit
Album: Sex Drugs & Deathmetal; Label: Self-released/independent
Cephalic Carnage - Analytical
Album: Conforming To Abnormality; Label: Headfucker Records
Execration - Awake the Darkened
Album: The Acceptance of Zero Existence; Label: Comatose Music
Occult - Slut Of Sodom
Album: Elegy For The Weak; Label: Painkiller Records
Satyricon - Black Crow on a Tombstone
Album: The Age Of Nero; Label: Roadrunner Records
Inner Sanctum - Dark Frozen Mud
Album: Christi Testamenta; Label: I, Voidhanger Records
Behexen - We Burn With Serpent Fire
Album: Nightside Emanations; Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Valgrind - Codex Armageddon
Album: Morning Will Come No More; Label: Godeater Records
Dead Instrument - Public Skeleton
Album: Violent Death; Label: Raw Birth Records
Dehumanized - Bloodties
Album: Controlled Elite; Label: Comatose Music
Cephalic Carnage - Molting
Album: Xenosapien; Label: Relapse Records
Humanity Delete - Dismal Corridors
Album: Never Ending Nightmares; Label: Self-released/independent
Razor Of Occum - Bite od Dogmata
Album: Homage To Martyrs; Label: Metal Blade Records
Universal Remonster - Ingredients For Grind
Album: Universal Remonster; Label: Self-released/independent
Corpus Mortale - Love Lies Bleeding
Album: Fleshcraft; Label: Deepsend Records
Triple Dewormint - Popurins
Album: Spermatographic Hallucinations; Label: TaDa Records
Circliquetois - The Horror
Album: Spermatographic Hallucinations; Label: TaDa Record
Miasmal - Anima Sola
Album: Miasmal; Label: Dark Descent Records
Barra Xul - In Darkness We Wait
Album: In Darkness We Wait; Label: Self-released/independent
Obsidian Kingdom - And Then It Was
Album: Mantiis – An Agony In Fourteen Bites; Label: Self-released/independent
Mayhem - Freezing Moon
Album: De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas; Label: Deathlike Silence
Funeral Fornication - Pandemic Transgression
Album: Pandemic Transgression; Label: Hypnotic Dirge Records
Deserted Fear - My Empire
Album: My Empire; Label: F.D.A. Rekotz
Genocide Shrines - Devanation Monumentemples
Album: Devanation Monumentemples; Label: Cyclopean Eye Productions
Aevangelist - Funeral Monolith
Album: De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis; Label: I, Voidhanger Records
Behemoth - Dragons Lair
Album: Grom; Label: Solistitium Records
Vesania - Path IX - Fireclipse
Album: God the Lux; Label: Empire Records
Virgin Black - Darkness
Album: Requiem - Fortissimo; Label: The End Records
Antimatter - Firewalking
Album: Fear of a Unique Identity (Deluxe Edition); Label: Prophecy Productions
Air Date: 
November 25, 2012

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