11/23/2012 Jet Set Planet



Episode #381 "Lonely Harpsichord Memories of that Rainy Night and other mysteries of the thrifts"

N=Artist's Debut on the Program

R=Listener Request

Playlist Tracks: 
Hasil Adkins - She Said
Album: Out to Hunch; Label: Norton
Paul Mauriat - Acropolis Adieu
Album: The Godfather; Label: Verve
Fritz Maldener - Pernambuco Samba
Album: Studio One 23; Label: Berry
R. Tilsley - Sexy Sox
Album: Music DeWolfe Volume 1; Label: Megaphone
Addy Flor - Midnight in Tokyo
Album: Around the World; Label: Monument
Laura - Pity
Album: Laura; Label: Ovation
Charile Steinmann - Tipitipitipso
Album: Stereo Explosion; Label: BASF
Frank Pleyer Big Band - Hangin' Round
Album: Music for Televsion, Films and Radio; Label: Europhon
Janko Nilovic and Dave Sucky - Week-End A Chelsea
Album: Vocal Impressions; Label: MP2000
Horst Jankowski - Beautiful Hong Kong Girl
Album: Baby, But Grand; Label: Mercury
The In Crowd Singers - Girl Talk
Album: Will Bronson Presents; Label: SS
Bill Doggett - Later Baby Later
Album: The Band with the Beat; Label: WB
Kenyon Hopkins - Voyage a Bicyclette
Album: Sound Tour; Label: Verve
Bobby Hackett - Powdered Wig
Album: Henry Mancini; Label: Epic
King Richard's Fluegel Knights - You Are Woman, I am Man
Album: Knights on Broadway; Label: MTA
Jonathan Knight - Chances Are
Album: Lonely Harpsichord Memories of that Rainy Night; Label: VIVA
Mystic Moods Orch - Theme from The Sand Pebbles
Album: More Than Music; Label: Philips
Ed Kenney - Spice Island
Album: Spice Island; Label: Columbia
Custom All Stars - Death at Sunrise
Album: The Good the Bad the Ugly; Label: Custom
Ramsey Lewis - Jade East
Album: Up Pops Ramsey Lewis; Label: Cadet
John Klemmer - Look to the Sky
Album: And We Were Lovers; Label: Cadet
Free Design - Windows of the World
Album: You Could Be Born Again; Label: Project 3
Marianne Mendt - Spinning Wheel
Album: Wie a Glock'n; Label: EMI
Denny Vaughan - Master Jack
Album: New Dimensions Vol 2; Label: MUZAK
Tony Mottola - The Girl Next Door
Album: Lush, Latin and Lovely; Label: Project 3
George Shearing - It's Easy to Remember
Album: Latin Affair; Label: Capitol
Otto Weiss and His Crazy Organ - Jungle Fantasy
Album: The New Sabre Dance; Label: Jubilee
Hugo Montenegro - Valley of the Dolls
Album: Hang Em High; Label: RCA
Air Date: 
November 23, 2012