11/15/2012 Fresh Fruit



Peter Beard, director

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Theater Coup d’Etat, Nov 8-17, 8pm, Southern Theater, http://www.theatrecoupdetat.com/

Theatre Coup d'Etat invites you to experience the timeless tale of William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, this time told with a twist. Due to the vote on the marriage amendment, and in an effort to uphold their mission to provoke an emotional and analytical response in their audiences, Theatre Coup d'Etat will be presenting William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet with Romeo played by a woman, as a woman. The company was formed in 2011 by James Napoleon Stone and Peter Beard on the idea that theatre should be used as a social tool to provoke, not to sedate.


Maggie Scanlan, Artistic Director, director and Alice Fredrickson, costume design

Old Times by Harold Pinter

Nightpath Theatre, Loring Alley Theater, Nov 8-17, 7:30pm, http://nightpaththeatre.com/

Harold Pinter's Old Times is a three-person play with strong currents of sexual rivalry. At the start, Deeley and Kate, a married couple cloistered in a small country house, are awaiting the arrival of Kate's old roommate, Anna  from their wild days as young women in postwar London. No sooner does Anna arrive than she and Deeley begin dueling over Kate. What follows is a titillating game of memory, intrigue and power, where nothing is as it seems, or is it?


Ticket Giveaway to the 40th Anniversary Choreographers’ Evening 2012 

Curated by Aparna Ramaswamy and Patrick Scully

Choreographers’ Evening 2012 features: Judith Brin Ingber, Christ Up Dance Crew, Michael Engel, Emily King & Ryan Underbakke, Blake Nellis, Luke Olson-Elm, Rosy Simas, Joanne Spencer, Third Coast Collective, and Voice of Culture. . 

Walker Art Center, McGuire Theater, November 24, 2012, 7 pm, & 9:30pm   - www.walkerart.org



Playlist Tracks: 
Judy Garland, B52s, Angela Motter, Tori Fixx, Josie Cotton, Ochi, David Bowie, Diana Ross, Scott Free, Gaye Adegbalola, Candye Kane, Lou Reed, DDC, Sandy Rapp, Romanovsky & Phillips, RuPaul - Fresh Fruit 3rd Thursday Theme
Album: collage by Dixie Treichel; Label: self release
Billie Anthony - It's Fun Finding Out About London
Album: The Magic of Billie Anthony; Label: EMI
Ella Fitzgerald - All the Things You Are
Album: All The Things You Are: The Jerome Kern Songbook; Label: Polygram Records
Sammy Davis Jr. - Lovely To Look At
Album: The Sammy Awards; Label: Marathon Media International Ltd.
Justin Vivian Bond - The New Economy
Album: Dendrophile; Label: Whimsy Music
Peter Beard - Director
Topics: Theatre Coup d'Etat, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
Maggie Scanlan - Artistic Director/Director
Topics: Nightpath Theatre, Old Times by Harold Pinter
Alice Fredrickson - Costume Designer
Topics: Nightpath Theatre, Old Times by Harold Pinter