11/9/2012 Catalyst: Politics and Culture

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Utah Phillips - Korea
Album: The Past Didn't Go Anywhere; Label: Righteous Babe Music
Utah Phillips - General Your Tank
Album: I've Got To Know; Label: AK Press
David Rovics - Song for Hugh Thompson
Album: We Just Want The World; Label: www.davidrovics.com
David Rovics - The Next AttackHang a Flag in the Window
Album: ; Label: www.davidrovics.com
David Rovics - Whoever Wins in November
Album: Moment in Time; Label: www.davidrovics.com
Ret.Col.Andrew Bacevitch - retired career militry, author, professor
Topics: U.S. military/foreign policy, looking at Vietnam, from his book "Washington Rules"
Kiomars Maradi - ex-pat Iranian playwright & director living in St.Paul
Topics: prodcution of his play "The Skyless City" www.dreamlandarts.org
Hugh Thompson - Vietnam vetean, honored with the SOldier's Medal for courage
Topics: My Lai massacre--which Thompson intervened in and saved civillian lives
Air Date: 
November 9, 2012

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