11/7/2012 Echo Chamber


Kicked things off tonight with the excellent new "Black Star Line" album from Sangue Bom out of Paris (mixed by Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa). Followed this with two fine new releases on the Scoops label - from Vibronics and Kyle Sicarius. Also in the first set was the very cool track "Ganja Tea" from the artist Chatta from Canada. More new items from Jah Red Lion & Dub Terminator, Big Shiny, Rod Anton & the Ligerians, King David, Fu-Steps, and the new Pressure Sounds release "The Sound Doctor" -- Lee Perry produced tracks from the archive. Our ecelectic dubwise mix also included: Horace Andy & Ashley Beedle, Leroy Sibbles, Boom One Sound System, The Orientalist, Little Axe, Tilly Roots, Ashtech, Dennis Bovell, David Pablo, The Slits, The Drastics, and much more. Finally, celebrating the reelection of Barack Obama as President, we loudly played Mista Majah P's "Four More Years" track!

Playlist Tracks: 
*Sangue Bom - A Free K (feat. Rochelove Dhayvaa)
Album: Black Star Line; Label: Do Not Cross
*Vibronics - Badstep Dub
Album: Scoops 044; Label: Scoops
*Kyle Sicarius - Babylon Never Keep Us Down
Album: Scoops 045; Label: Scoops
Mista Majah P - Four More Year
Album: Four More Year (single); Label: Kokmusic
*Jah Red Lion & Dub Terminator - Never Leave Me Alone (Boston Rodriguez Remix)
Album: N/A; Label: soundcloud.com
*Chatta - Ganja Tea
Album: single; Label: Chatta RaggaNational Music
Boom One Sound System - Yagi Bushi
Album: Japanese Translations in Dub; Label: Boom One
Takomo - Bombman
Album: Enough Dubs; Label: Enough
Mista Majah P - Grim Reaper
Album: Natty A We Beauty; Label: Kokmusic
The Orientalist - Entering the Mummy Grave (Lo-Fi Dusty Dub Mix)
Album: 1000 Sounds Lotus ; Label: Jamendo.com
Little Axe - Must Have Been the Devil
Album: Slow Fuse; Label: Festival Records
Tilly Roots - Chase the Devil
Album: Chase the Devil EP; Label: Springline
King Django - Career Opportunities
Album: Anywhere I Roam/Career Opportunities single; Label: Stubborn
The Viking - Chamber Dub
Album: Begrimed Enterprise; Label: Deep Down
*Big Shiny - Phat Anal (Full Up Version)
Album: N/A; Label: ACEtone
Ashtech - Imaginary World
Album: Walkin' Target; Label: Interchill
*Rod Anton & the Ligerians - Holy City (ft. Max Romeo)
Album: Reasonin'; Label: Wall On Stage
*King David - The Prayer (No More Tears)
Album: Chant and Praise [various artists]; Label: Signature Records / VP Records
Leroy Sibbles - Garden of Life (extended version)
Album: Producers - Lee Perry vs. Niney the Observer; Label: Trojan
*The Flames/Lee Perry - Water the Garden
Album: The Sound Doctor; Label: Pressure Sounds
Groundation - The Dreamer
Album: Building an Ark; Label: VP
Morwell Unlimited Meets King Tubby - Morwell's Star
Album: Dub Me; Label: Blood & Fire
*Sangue Bom - Baifale (ft. Abass Abass)
Album: Black Star Line; Label: Do Not Cross
Horace Andy/Ashley Beedle - Babylon You Lose
Album: Inspiration Information; Label: Strut
Gorillaz - Dracula
Album: Gorillaz; Label: Virgin
*Fu-Steps - Madman
Album: No More Vibes to Waste; Label: Orcast
Dennis Bovell - After the Storm
Album: Mek It Run; Label: Pressure Sounds
David Pablo - Donkey Trouble
Album: Donkey Trouble single; Label: Springline
Omar Perry - The Ghostmakers
Album: Can't Stop Us; Label: Makafresh
The Drastics - Anqet
Album: Chicago Massive; Label: Jump Up
The Slits - Reggae Gypsy
Album: Trapped Animal; Label: Narnack
Bunny Wailer - Armageddon Dub
Album: Dubd'sco Volumes 1 & 2; Label: Ras/Solomonic
Nine Miles - If You Notice
Album: 45; Label: Jamming
Phantom Power - Sai Baba
Album: Future Far I; Label: Central
Easy Star All Stars - Close to Midnight
Album: Easy Star's Thrillah!; Label: Easy Star
Sinead O'Connor - Vampire
Album: Throw Down Your Arms (Dub Versions); Label: that's why there's chocolate and vanilla
Paddy Free - Lali
Album: Waveform Transmissions vol. 2; Label: Waveform
Mutant Frogs - It's Always Time Somewhere (bumper)
Album: Echo Chamber - Around the World in Dub vols. 1&2; Label: Dan Dada
Sly & Robbie meet Mad Professor feat. Dean Fraser - Stepping Out a Space
Album: The Dub Revolutionaries; Label: RAS/Ariwa
Sly & Robbie meet Mad Professor feat. Dean Fraser - Freedom Illusion
Album: The Dub Revolutionaries; Label: RAS/Ariwa
Zia - Cosmic Rain
Album: She - a female trip-hop experience; Label: Sonic Images
Ancient Astronauts - Crescent Moon
Album: We Are To Answer; Label: ESL
The Starseeds/Regina Dannhof - Parallel Life
Album: She - a female trip-hop experience; Label: Sonic Images
Third Ear Audio - Up in Smoke
Album: Waveform Transmissions vol. 2; Label: Waveform
The English Beat - Hit It (Extended)
Album: The Complete Beat (5CD box set); Label: Go Feet/SHOUT Factory
Laika & the Cosmonauts - The Hypno-Wheel
Album: Absurdistan; Label: Yep Roc
The English Beat - Which Side of the Bed? (Extended)
Album: The Complete Beat (5CD box set); Label: Go Feet/SHOUT Factory
Mutant Frogs - Agave Dub
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Air Date: 
November 7, 2012