11/5/2012 TruthToTell: HANDICAPPING ELECTIONS: What to Do to VOTE/Who might Win?

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DR. JOSIE R. JOHNSON - former University of Minnesota Regent; retired University of Minnesota Associate Vice President for Minority Student Affairs; Founder, UofM Office of Diversity & Equity and Honoree - Josie R. Johnson Human Rights and Social Justice Award; Principal, Josie
TOM HORNER - former Independence Party Candidate for Governor; former GOP Spokesperson; Founding Principal, NextMinnesota Public Policy Advocacy nonprofit
BOB MEEK - Founder & Executive Secretary, Sweet Reason Discussions; DFL Communications Operative and Analyst; Founder/consultant, NewsBridge Connections/Tunheim Associates, Public Relations
ELISE CHAMBERS - Election Protection Organizer, Common Cause Minnesota
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November 5, 2012