11/2/2012 The Morning Blend



Music Host:  Bill Cottman               

News Host: Siobhan Kierans

Producer:  Dale Connelly 

Playlist Tracks: 
London Philharmonic - William Tell Overture
Album: Three Centuries of the Greatest Hits of Classical Music ; Label: GRP
Various Artists - 1812 Overture
Album: ; Label:
Regina Carter - Healing in Foriegn Lands
Album: Paganini After a Dream; Label:
Sarah Vaughan - Poor Butterfly
Album: Live at the Tivoli; Label: RCA
Virgil Fox - Tocatta in b minor
Album: Classic Halloween Music; Label: Readers Digest Music
Marco Sollini - Infernal Galop
Album: Piano Music vol 2; Label: Masterworks
Andre Kostelanetz - Blue Danube Waltz
Album: Kostelanetz Super Hits; Label: RCA
Boston Symphony Orchestra - Also Spoke Zarathustra
Album: Holst - The Planets ; Label: Deutsche Grammophone
Vladimir Horowitz - Variations on a Theme from Carmen
Album: Horowitz Encores ; Label: Deutsche Grammophone
Midori - Paganini Caprice #18
Album: Caprices for Solo Violin; Label:
Octavia Harp Ensemble - Pachelbel's Canon
Album: Moonlight Sonata ; Label:
Moscow Symphony Orchestra - Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
Album: Eroica; Label:
Keith Ellison & Chris Fields - Conversations with Al McFarlane
Topics: politics
Amanda Anderson - Loft "Dead Writers" Event
Topics: writing, death
Brad Allen - Banco Mexico Head visits Twin Cities
Topics: economics
Cinema Shanty - Movies, Movies, Movies
Mark Ritchie - Secretary of State
Topics: voting
Jaylani Hussein - American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa