10/28/2012 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentation - From Jim Prasil's Marvelous Boxes series on Decoder Ring Theatre, we have Remembering the Martians. It's a look back at the time since the Martians arrived, when all their teleportation booths started appearing, and all the media coverage and involvement that's happened afterward. 

Selected Shorts - A Lonesome Cowpoke's Lament - A song about aliens and cattle mutilation by Leslie Eaton and the Weird Winonans, produced by Jerry Modjeski.  A short story, On Mars, from Misfits Audio, demonstrating that our life on Mars consists of a lot of what we take with us. And a brief visit to a meeting of Martians Anonymous, where Ronnie confesses he's addicted to Earth; from Jokes In Space by the Great Northern Audio Theatre.  Plus a few sounds recorded on Mars by the Mars Microphone, a small mic attached to the Mars Polar Lander from 1993. 






Playlist Tracks: 
Mars Microphone - boomsand
Album: Pulse of the Planet; Label: Nature Company
Jim Prasil - Remembering the Martians
Album: Marvelous Boxes; Label: decoderringtheatre.com
Mars Microphone - iceflow
Album: Pulse of the Planet; Label: Nature Company
Leslie Eaton & The Weird Winonans - The Lonesome Cowpoke's Lament
Album: Lonesome Cowpoke; Label: Weird Winonans
Mars Microphone - Lavaflow
Album: Pulse of the Planet; Label: Nature Company
Misfits Audio - On Mars
Album: Small Worlds; Label: misfitsaudio.com
Brian Price & Jerry Stearns - Martians Anonymous
Album: Jokes in Space; Label: greatnorthernaudio.com
Air Date: 
October 28, 2012

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