10/25/2012 Blueslady's Time Machine

Playlist Tracks: 
War - City Country City
Album: Anthology; Label: Avenue Gold
Curtis Mayfield - Future Shock
Album: In Your Face; Label: Rhino
Kool & the Gang - Funky Stuff
Album: In Your Face; Label: Rhino
Tower of Power - What Is Hip?In Your Face
Album: ; Label: Rhino
Art Oble - Taking Harold Home
Album: Drop Deaf; Label: RCA
Sam Cooke - Twistin' the Night Away
Album: Best of; Label: RCA
Emmeline - So I Can Love You
Album: Best of; Label: Stax
O'Jays - I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow
Album: Grewarwar Hits; Label: Motown
Gato Barbini - Europe
Album: Smooth Jams vol.2; Label: Sony
Junior Walker - Shotgun
Album: Greatest Hits; Label: Motown
James Brown - Brand New Bag
Album: Anthology; Label: Motown
lakeside - Fantqastic Voyage
Album: Best of; Label: Motown
Ms. Today - Just Let Me Ride
Album: Juke Joint Soul; Label: Echo
Donny Ray - I;m Gonna Keep My Love
Album: Juke Joint Soul; Label: Echo
Eddie Bpyd - Blue Monday
Album: Meat & Gravy; Label: Inddago
Jr.Welles - Come on in this house
Album: Mississippi Blues; Label: Patumayo
Chris King - come in my kitchenMissipp
Album: Mississipi Blues; Label: Patumayo
Jaye Hammer - I just cant let go
Album: Juke Joint Soul; Label: Echo
Little Mac - Times are getting tough
Album: Meat & Gravy; Label: Inddgo
Sunniland Slim - Driinkin' & Clownin'
Album: Meat & Gravy; Label: Inddgo
Joe Turner - Jumpin' Tonight
Album: Jumpin' Like MAd; Label: Capital
Cabin Bose - Safronia B.
Album: Jumpin' Like Mad; Label: Capital
Ella Mae Moris - cow cow boogie
Album: Jumpin'Like Mad; Label: Capital
Albert King - what the blues is all about
Album: Blues Fest 1970s; Label: Rhino
Luther ALlison - Luther Blues
Album: Blues Fes 1979s; Label: Rhino
Hound Dog Taylor - Sadie
Album: Blues Fest 1979s; Label: Rhino
Gloria Hardiman - Meet with your black...
Album: Genuine House Rockin' vol.2; Label: AICD
Robt. Cray & Albert King - The Dream
Album: Genuine House Rockin' vol 2; Label: AICD
Albert King - why you so mean
Album: Big Band Sound; Label: Tomato
Air Date: 
October 25, 2012

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