10/24/2012 Modern Kicks

Sean briefly forgets the name of his own program. It was weird.

You know what isn’t weird? This awesome two-hour set of new music — including new songs from SPIDER BAGS, THE JIM JONES REVUE, THE RAW NERVES, BIG EYES, and PEACH KELLI POP! Check it out!


Playlist Tracks: 
The Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks
Album: Guitar Romantic; Label: Screaming Apple; 2003
Rayon Beach - Jacuzzi Limo Explosion
Album: This Looks Serious; Label: Hozac; 2012
Gap Dream - A Little Past Midnight
Album: Generator b/w A Little Past Midnight (7"); Label: Suicide Squeeze; 2012
Jaill - Always Wrong
Album: There's No Sky (Oh My My); Label: Decorated; 2009
Royal Headache - Down the Lane
Album: Royal Headache; Label: RIP Society; 2011
Bare Wires - Don't Ever Change
Album: Cheap Perfume; Label: Southpaw; 2011
Natural Child - Laid, Paid, and Strange
Album: Hard in Heaven; Label: Burger; 2012
Two Tears - I Like Your Face
Album: I'm So Outta It, I Can't Get Into It; Label: Windian; 2011
Sweater Girls - Infatuation Street
Album: Sweater Girls Were Here; Label: HHBTM; 2012
Boomgates - Laymens Terms
Album: Double Natural; Label: Bedroom Suck; 2012
The Names - It's a Miracle
Album: Buttons; From Champaign to Chicago; Label: Numero Group
The Legs - (Let's) Do the Legs
Album: AAAA The New Memphis Legs; Label: Goner; 2012
The People's Temple - Looter's Game
Album: Looter's Game (7"); Label: Hozac; 2012
Jacuzzi Boys - Glazin'
Album: Glazin'; Label: Hardly Art; 2011
Zen Mantra - Soothsayer
Album: How Many Padmes Hum?; Label: Muzai; 2012
The Raw Nerves - CLAY
Album: The Raw Nerves; Label: 1:12 Records; 2012
No Aloha - Butt Party
Album: Butt Party (Single); Label: Self-Released; 2012
Romanes - Sheena is Punk Rocker
Album: Romanes No Gekijou; Label:
The White Wires - Hands
Album: WWII; Label: Dirtnap; 2010
Peach Kelli Pop - Panchito Blues II
Album: Panchito Blues II (Single); Label: Burger; 2012
Gentleman Jesse - Take It Easy On Me
Album: Leaving Atlanta; Label: Douchemaster; 2012
Pony Time - Bad Behavior
Album: Pony Time EP; Label: Perse; 2012
The History of Apple Pie - Some Kind
Album: You're So Cool (7"); Label: Rough Trade; 2011
Massenger - Power to the PPL
Album: Massenger; Label: Self-Released; 2012
Spider Bags - Simona la Romona
Album: Shake My Head; Label: Odessa; 2012
Nodzzz - Troubled Times
Album: Innings; Label: Woodsist; 2011
Big Eyes - Back from the Moon
Album: Back from the Moon (7"); Label: Grave Mistake; 2012
The Jim Jones Revue - Where Da Money Go?
Album: The Savage Heart; Label: Play It Again Sam; 2012
Album: P.E.I. (Single); Label: Self-Released; 2012
Hot Freaks Nation - Everything is Everything Else
Album: Lifetime to Lifetime; Label: Trashy Creatures; 2012
Jawbreaker - Indictment
Album: 24 Hour Revenge Therapy; Label: Tupelo/Communion; 1994
Air Date: 
October 24, 2012