10/21/2012 Strictly Butter

Playlist Tracks: 
Ron Trent - Dark Room
Album: Dark Room EP; Label: Balance
DJ Joey Anderson - Thee Analysis
Album: Thee Analysis EP; Label: Strength Music
Peter Van Hoesen - Trusted (Norman Nodge Reconstruction
Album: Trusted EP; Label: T2X
Add Noise - Handwerk 3 A
Album: Handwerk 3 EP; Label: Handwerk
Baby Ford & I-Fach Collective - Tea Party
Album: Tea Party EP; Label: Klang
Shamus Coghlan - 5000 Miles
Album: 5000 Miles EP; Label: 807 Record
Sian - Wear Your Scars Like Medals
Album: Wear Your Scars EP; Label: Aus Records
Robert Gorl & Karl O'Connor - The Right Side of Reason
Album: The Right Side oF Reason EP; Label: DN
Reeko - The Gravedigger And His Bitch
Album: Gravedigger EP; Label: Mental Disorder
Equalized - Equalized #1
Album: Equalized 001 EP; Label: Equalized
Corrugated Tunnel - My Machine Code
Album: My Machine Code EP; Label: Nightvision
Pacou - Tangent
Album: Tangent EP; Label: Cache
Marcel Fengler - Friction
Album: Friction EP; Label: Ostgut Ton
Jeff Mills - In The Bush
Album: In The Bush EP; Label: Axis
The Mole - Baby You're The One
Album: Baby You're The One EP; Label: Wagon Repair
Superlova - All Night
Album: All Night EP; Label: Raw Elements
Punisher & John Overfiend - Thermal Underwear (John Selway remix)
Album: Thermal Underwear EP; Label: Hej Records
Leonid - Mora
Album: Mora EP; Label: Statik
Goth-Trad - Man In The Maze
Album: Man In The Maze EP; Label: New Epoch
Vivek - Soundman VIP
Album: Deep Medi 052 EP; Label: Unknown
Mala - Forgive
Album: Deep Medi 004 EP; Label: Deep Medi
Vivek - Kismet
Album: Deep Medi 057 EP; Label: Deep Medi
Goth-Trad - Itinerant Priest
Album: Deep Medi 048 EP; Label: Deep Medi
Goth-Trad - Cosmos
Album: Unknown; Label: New Epoch
Pinch - Swish
Album: Deep Medi 043 EP; Label: Deep Medi
Skream - Phatty Drummer
Album: Deep Medi 047 EP; Label: Deep Medi
Dark Tantrums - Unborn
Album: Deep Medi 054 EP; Label: Deep Medi
Quest - Deep Inside
Album: Deep Medi 007 EP; Label: Deep Medi
Jay 5ive - Try Harder
Album: Deep Medi 060 EP; Label: Deep Medi
Silkie - Head Butt Da Deck
Album: Deep Medi 020 EP; Label: Deep Medi
Commodo - Uprising
Album: Deep Medi 044 EP; Label: Deep Medi
Kromestar - Clearly Distorted
Album: Deep Medi 060 EP; Label: Deep Medi
Silkie - Neck Back
Album: Unknown; Label: Unknown
Kromestar - Inner Trance
Album: Unknown; Label: Unknown
Jay 5ive & Kromestar - Mind Pattern
Album: Deep Medi 060 EP; Label: Deep Medi
Jay 5ive & Kromestar - Words
Album: Deep Medi 060 EP; Label: Deep Medi
Air Date: 
October 21, 2012

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