10/17/2012 Echo Chamber


Kicking things off tonight with McPullish's excellent new "Black Metal White Reggae" album (Charlie's Records); followed by the latest Vibronics & friends on SCOOPs Records; King Django & Victor Rice with "Dub Discoveries From Version City" (celebrating 20 years of Stubborn Records); and the "Lost Album" unearthed and released by Groove Corp.  Also tonight we did an Easy Star All Stars set to celebrate their "Thrillah" tour (and my trip to Chicago to see them). More great new stuff from Tafari, Beats Antique, Kukan dub Lagan,  The Dynamics,  The Dubsmith, Victoria Moralez, Damo Naimad,  The Vibraphonic Orchestra, and Dada Afrik & Calcia.  Filling out our show with  Trumystic, Over-Proof Sound System, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, Lou & the Hollywood Bananas, Bandulu Dub, SKAndalous All Stars, Trevor the Technician McKenzie, Mutant Frogs, Roots Tonic meets Bill Laswell, Jamaica Super Dub, and much more.

Playlist Tracks: 
*McPullish - Kazoo Special
Album: Black Metal White Reggae; Label: Charlie's
*Vibronics - Ital Dub
Album: SCOOPs 045; Label: SCOOPs
*Dubble feat. Molara - Crown of Creation
Album: Crown of Creation EP; Label: Dub Tunnel / SCOOPs
*King Django / Victor Rice - Dub Season
Album: Dub Discoveries From Version City; Label: Stubborn
*Easy Star All Stars - Dub It (feat. Michael Rose)
Album: Easy Star's Thrillah!; Label: Easy Star
Trumystic - Chino Pablo
Album: Dub Power; Label: TMG
Over-Proof Sound System - Dub Afrika
Album: Pull It Up!; Label: Elephant House
Tor Ma In Dub - Contact
Album: The Next Mission Pt. 2 [various artists]; Label: Dubmission
Kokerboom - Hidden Agenda
Album: The Next Mission Pt. 2 [various artists]; Label: Dubmission
Groove Corp. - Pressure
Album: The Lost Album; Label: Elephant House
Dada Afrik & Calcia - Real Gal
Album: Stand Tall/Real Gal 12"; Label: United Forces Of Dub
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Trouble Dub Plate
Album: Dub Plate Selection; Label: M
*Kukan dub Lagan - Summer
Album: Seasons In Life EP; Label: Mikelabella
*Easy Star All Stars - Thriller
Album: Easy Star's Thrillah!; Label: Easy Star
Easy Star All Starsfeat. Kirsty Rock - Great Gig In The Sky
Album: Dub Side of the Moon; Label: Easy Star
Easy Star All Starsf feat. Kirsty Rock - Paranoid Android
Album: Radiodread; Label: Easy Star
Easy Star All Stars feat. Junior Jazz & Daddy Lion Chandell - One Likkle Draw
Album: First Light; Label: Easy Star
Easy Star All Stars - On the Run (10 Ft. Ganja Plant Remix)
Album: Dubber Side of the Moon; Label: Easy Star
The Divine Sham - Big Bang Dub
Album: Devil's Rope; Label: High Noon
*Tafari - Money In My Pocket
Album: Money In My Pocket; Label: VP Records
*Beats Antique - Bloody Bones
Album: Contraption vol. 2; Label: Antique
*Victoria Moralez - Divided Me in Two
Album: unreleased; Label: direct from artist
*Damo Naimad - riTmo de Porro (EQ+Rok Remix)
Album: riTmo; Label: Boom One
*The Dynamics - Little Pablo
Album: 180000 Miles and Counting; Label: Big Single
*The Dubsmith - Always Forward (Maliseet Warrior Remix)
Album: Time for Change EP; Label: Boom One
Echo Ranks - Trials and Crosses
Album: SCOOPS044; Label: SCOOPS
Bandulu Dub - Greasy Brain (Offoner Remix
Album: Interstellar Travel; Label: Dan Dada
The Vibraphonic Orchestra - Big Beater
Album: The Vibraphonic Orchestra; Label: self-release (bamdcamp.com)
Zeds Dead - The Twilight Zone
Album: online; Label: soundcloud.com
Towa Tei - Wordy
Album: Mach 2012; Label: Mach
Haze ft. Kinzy - Goin' Back
Album: Haze EP; Label: True Tiger
Sukh Knight - Chicken Curry
Album: Cheese Louise EP; Label: True Tiger
Lou & the Hollywood Bananas - Kingston Kingston
Album: Bonjour la France vol. 2; Label: BR Music
Bonnie Pink ft. the Miceteeth - Don't Get Me Wrong
Album: 45; Label: Duck Soup Prod.
The Nutty Boys - (Always) The Innocent
Album: Crunch!; Label: Dojo
Madness - Death of a Rude Boy
Album: cd single; Label: Lucky 7
SKAndalous All Stars - Because the Night (instrumental)
Album: Punk Steady; Label: Shanachie
SKAndalous All Stars - Because the Dub
Album: Punk Steady; Label: Shanachie
Mutant Frogs - It's Always Time Somewhere
Album: Echo Chamber - Around the World i Dub vol.1&2; Label: Dan Dada
Mutant Frogs - Dub Travels
Album: Echo Chamber- Around the World i Dub vol.1&2; Label: Dan Dada
Trevor the Technician McKenzie - Georgian Dub
Album: Echo Chamber - Around the World i Dub vol.1&2; Label: Dan Dada
Ian Simmonds - International Songs (ft. Yoshiko)
Album: 12" EP; Label: Musik Krause
Time Shard - King Canary's Peculiar Time Chariot
Album: Hunab Ku; Label: Mammoth/Planet Dog
The Slackers - (excerpt) Rider > I Shall Be Released
Album: Peculiar; Label: Hellcat
Moon Hop - King Scratch Eddy's Dub
Album: rockets to new highs; Label: Banana Juice
The Pietasters - Dub-Fi (Superdeformed Mix)
Album: Awesome Mix Tape #6; Label: Hellcat
Obscurum - Newport
Album: Blips, Clicks & Unseemly Noises; Label: E-Com
Extremadura - Waterworld
Album: Wreck This Mess - Remission 2 v.a.; Label: BSI
Roots Tonic meets Bill Laswell - JD3
Album: Roots Tonic meets Bill Laswell; Label: ROIR
Two Fingers (Amon Tobin) - Stude Instrumental
Album: Stunt Rhythms; Label: Big Dada
Jamaica Super Dub - Bag Man Dub
Album: Jamaica Super Dub Session; Label: Wackies
Air Date: 
October 17, 2012