10/5/2012 Voice Cried Softly

Playlist Tracks: 
Lavender Diamond - You Broke My Heart
Album: (The Cavalry of Light); Label: Matador 2006
The Rapture - Olio
Album: (Mirror); Label: Gravity 1998
Whodini - Freaks Come Out at Night
Album: (Escape); Label: Jive 1984
The Vignettes - Bunnies
Album: (Best of Vigz 2006-2012); Label: self c2007
Cheech and Chong - Basketball Jones featuring Tyrone Shoelaces
Album: (Los Cochinos); Label: Ode 1973
Asbestos - Nothing
Album: (To the Memory of the War Victim); Label: Tribal War 1985
New Bloods - Fast Asleep
Album: (The Secret Life); Label: Kill Rock Stars 2008
Tall Dwarfs - Lurlene Bayliss
Album: (Dogma); Label: Flying Nun 1987
Can - Mother Upduff
Album: (Limited Edition); Label: United Artists 1969
Falcon Arrow - Unray
Album: (Anti-Matter); Label: self 2012
Neu! - Super
Album: (2); Label: Brain 1973
"Weird Al" Yankovic - My Bologna
Album: (self); Label: Rock and Roll 1983
Vemom P. Stinger - Flourish Wish
Album: (Meet My Friend Venom); Label: Mo Masters Voice 1986
Xinlisupreme - Fatal Sisters Opened Umbrella
Album: (Tomorrow Never Comes); Label: FatCat 2002
Vanilla Fudge - Moonlight Sonata & Fur Elise
Album: (The Beat Goes On); Label: Atco 1968
The Beach Boys - Never Learn Not to Love
Album: (20/20); Label: Capitol 1969
Dust Devils - Psychonaut
Album: (Extant); Label: Matador 1996
Air Date: 
October 5, 2012

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