10/2/2012 The Morning Blend


Pam Hill and Terry Carter provided the morning music and news updates, respectively, this October morning. We featured a piece by Susan Gray on the Riverside Plaza complex in Minneapolis and the second installment of the Dakota War series. Among the music we heard was new music from Ozomatli from their kids album (!), Ellis from the compilation "We Love to Be Free: Songs in Support of the Freedom to Marry" addressing a timely subject and we discussed what the lyrics to Echo & the Bunnymen's "Do It Clean" could possibly mean. Dale thought the subject must be an industrialist talking about his responsible disposal of hazardous waste...

Playlist Tracks: 
Echo & the Bunnymen - Do It Clean
Album: Songs to Learn and Sing; Label: Sire
Pazy & the Black Hippies - Papa's Black Dog
Album: Wa Ho Ha; Label: Secret Stash
Ozomatli - Moose on the Loose
Album: OzoKidz; Label: Red General Catalog
Nikki & the RueMates - Rise & Shine
Album: Rise & Shine; Label: Self-released
Ellis - Everybody Wants to Belong
Album: We Love to Be Free: Songs in Support of the Freedom to Marry; Label: Copycats Entertainment
Living Colour - Open Letter (To A Landlord)
Album: Vivid; Label: Epic
The Hold Steady - South Town Girls
Album: Boys and Girls in America; Label: Vagrant
Indigenous - Feel Alright Now
Album: Chasing the Sun; Label: Vanguard