9/28/2012 Jet Set Planet


Jet Set Planet
Episode #373

N=artist's debut on the program
R=listener request

Playlist Tracks: 
{N} David Hasselhoff - Nadia's Theme
Album: David Hasselhoff; Label: Cumberland Farms
Warren Kime - The Sweetest Sound
Album: Brass Impact; Label: Command2.31
Burt Bacharach - Hot Gold
Album: After the Fox; Label: UA
John Keating - Signal to Saturn
Album: Space Experience; Label: Columbia
John Neel - Rusty Rifle
Album: John Neel film music (unreleased); Label: Chris Neel
Pete King - Last Stop Paris
Album: The Last of the Secret Agents; Label: Dot
Elliot Blair - Return of the Victors
Album: NFL FILMS Vol 3; Label: NFL
The Soul Society - Drive-In
Album: Satisfaction; Label: DOT
Artie Butler - Low Fat Yoga
Album: The Harrad Experiment; Label: EMI
Isaac Hayes - 3 tough guys
Album: Three Tough Guys; Label: Paramount
Homer Dennison and The Night Strings - Black Sand and White Stars
Album: Soulful Instrumental Love Machine; Label: Evolution
Ramsey Lewis - Everybody's Got Something to Hide
Album: Mother Nature's Son; Label: Cadet
Stu Phillips - Rescue
Album: Run, Angel Run; Label: Epic
Strand All-Stars - Ben Casey
Album: Dr. Kildare and other t.v. - moive themes; Label: Strand
Jose Melis - Curacao
Album: Bon AMIGO; Label: Seeco
{R}Esquivel - Malenguena
Album: Strings Aflame; Label: RCA
John Neel - What Would I Do
Album: Blue Martini; Label: AVA
Michel LeGrand - Wonder Where I'll be tomorrow
Album: The Concert LeGrand; Label: RCA
{N} Touch Unlimited - Genoa City Theme
Album: The Young and the Restless; Label: PIP
Pierre Bachelet and Herve Roy - Emmanuelle Theme
Album: Emmanuelle; Label: Arista
Lalo Schifrin - Rumors
Album: The Competition; Label: Columbia
{N} Alden Shuman - The Teacher
Album: The Devil in Miss Jones; Label: Janus
{N} Billy Rogers with Del Staton - Seduction! (excerpt)
Album: Seduction!; Label: Art Sound
John Neel - Ostrich Walk
Album: Unreleased John Neel; Label: Chris Neel
The Sounds of Sunshine - Nadia's Theme
Album: Nadia's theme; Label: PIP
Air Date: 
September 28, 2012

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