9/27/2012 Fresh Fruit


Kendrick welcomes Jake Barnes, law student and co-chair of Hamline's Stonewall Alliance, to give student perspective on the University's neutral stance on the marriage amendment, the protest, the listening session with the president, and the faculty opposition to the amendment.  Mr. Barnes plugged a symposium sponsored by the Stonewall Alliance that will be on Oct. 26.

Writer Owen Keehnen discusses his new book The Sand Bar and reads from it.  Look here and here for more information about the book.

If you want more information about the safe school training email Justin at OutFront.

If you have any questions or feedback about the episode, email Kendrick.

Playlist Tracks: 
Jay - Minneapolis
Album: Minneapolis--Single; Label:
Madonna - Vogue
Album: Celebration; Label:
Ben Harper - I'll Rise
Album: Welcome to the Cruel World; Label:
Jake Barnes - Law Student--Hamline University--co-chair of Stonewall Alliance
Topics: Hamline Univ./Marriage amendment stance; Stonewall Alliance Events
Owen Keehnen - Novelist
Topics: Novel: The Sand Bar
Justin Anderson - Safe School Organizer--OutFront MN
Topics: Safe school organizing, Stand Up Speak Out, Governor's Task Force