9/8/2012 Rhythm and Grooves

Playlist Tracks: 
Illinois Jacquet - Frantic Fannie
Album: Illinois Jacquet; Label: Columbia
Willis Jackson - Nice n' Easy
Album: Nutheri' like Thuther'n; Label: Prestige
* George Colligan - Come Together
Album: Come Together; Label: Sunnyside
*# Chris Bates Red 5 - This is Tonight
Album: New Hope; Label: Technecore
*# Chris Bates Red 5 - 251 Stomp
Album: New Hope; Label: TEchnecore
*# Chris Bates Red 5 - Maliopolis
Album: New Hope; Label: Tecnecore
Sarah Vaughn - Lullaby of Birdland
Album: With Clifford Brown; Label: EmArcy
Lester Young Quintet - Tenderly
Album: 45 rpm Single; Label: Norgran
Lester Young Quintet - New DB Blues
Album: 45 rpm Single; Label: Norgran
# John Devine - North of the Sunset
Album: A little o' that; Label: Self-produced
* Johnny Hodges - Cozumel
Album: Yeah... About That; Label: Veritas
Matt Wilson Quartet - Why Can't We Be Friends
Album: That's Gonna Leave a Mark; Label: Palmetto
*# Maryann Sullivan - Why Don't You Do Right
Album: Coffee Time; Label: Self-Produced
Air Date: 
September 8, 2012

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