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Be Whatever You Want by Sara Curtis
On a hot summer afternoon three ten year old kids push around a soccer ball style 
sorbet maker and concoct elaborate and imaginative stories and adventures to make their mundane task more interesting.

Biloxi Stabbing by Jeff Forester & Jeremy Lerman
Biloxi, Mississippi, 3 a.m. The attackers advanced from the dark. The violence was sudden, intense.Forester's cheek, nose and two ribs were broken. A fourteen-inch knife gash exposed kidney and lung. Then they were gone into the night. Swaying, bloody foam bubbling from his back, he struggled to breathe--at that moment Forester was transformed from victim to master of his life.

Sweet Science by Tom Niemistö
A new class run by the localYMCA in Northfield, MN, trains high school students in the basics of boxing. While the sport can be physically demanding and useful for self-defense, the head coach thinks boxing nurtures philosophical inquiry. Dr. Gordon Marino both coaches the teens on the connection between boxing and philosophy.

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September 5, 2012

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