9/2/2012 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentation - Steve Ziplow really liked this kind of story, which has a serious topic but is presented in a really silly way. It's called The Lost Planeteers, and is about a spaceship with the job of delivering a cargo hold full of colonists to a suitable planet.  And, of course, things don't go as planned, starting with finding the fuel tank half full of Moon Pies, and the ship crash landing on Planet X.

Selected Shorts - Time Zone has a time travel theme, naturally.  It's from a collection of science fiction stories produced by Jim French Productions, though it's not distributed by them. These are the same people who make and distribute Imagination Theatre, available on radio stations across the country.

Playlist Tracks: 
Daniel Cline - The Lost Planeteers
Album: Sci-Fi Trilogy; Label: Ziplow Productions
Act One Audio - Time Zone
Album: Sci-Fi; Label: Jim French Productions
Air Date: 
September 2, 2012

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