8/20/2012 TruthToTell: COMMUNITY CABLE & ACCESS: Can We Keep a Grip on It?

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KRIST NOVOSELIC - President, FairVote National, Co-founder/Basist for Nirvana
Topics: Talking about Instant Runoff Voting and FairVoteMinnesota fundraising event
JEFF STRATE - former Eden Prairie cable access producer and activist; former TPT producer of cultural affairs programming
MIKE WASSENAAR - Executive Director, Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN); longtime community programmer; former Chair of KFAI’s Board of Directors
MICHAEL FALLON - Executive Director, Minneapolis Telecommunications Network (MTN)
ALAN MILLER - Cable Access Producer ("Access to Democracy"), Eagan; Film/Cinema Studies instructor, MCTC; Frequent guest and guest host, AM950. Author, You CanMake a Difference
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August 20, 2012