8/12/2012 Wave Project


“El Sistema”, which has been implemented since 1975, is specifically aimed to youth and children (mainly, although not exclusively, to those who belong to economically/socially disadvantaged sectors of the population), it’s open to anyone who applies and it’s completely free of charge. Currently, it has approximately 350,000 enrollees (81% of them belong to the lowest socioeconomic stratum, including the lower-middle-class).

“El Sistema” has been hailed throughout the world not only as an absolutely impressive music program but, mainly, as a revolutionary social program with far-reaching implications.
A large part of this Wave Project program will talk about the efforts that are currently underway to implement replicas of “El Sistema” throughout the United States. More specifically, it will talk about the work being done to begin, in September 2012, a “El Sistema”-inspired program in Minneapolis.
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