8/3/2012 HmongFM


In-studio guest: Oskar Ly is a Hmong French American Fashion Art Designer from St Paul, MN. Returning to Fresh Traditions, she is excited to continue with her foundation; reclaiming expressions of living Hmong. 

Oskar's vision this year is founded on the idea of the little black dress/black tie affair to design for the woman/person who feels 20-35, who is proud of her lived cultural identity and experience, embracing the hard and soft edges of femininity/masculinity with a little spice of androgyny. This will be Oskar's first wearable collection, whereas in the past, she has focused on conceptual fashion art collections, Hybrid.Couture (fusing Hmong and Victorian flares, FTII) and Hmong Goddess (honoring Hmong Women strengths, FTIII). 

To envision a deeper future inclusive of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trans and Queers as part of the Hmong community, Oskar's collection will grace the Fresh Traditions stage for the first time with same-sex couples in effort to raise positive awareness of Hmong LGBTQ and educate audiences about the Anti-Marriage Amendment on the ballot this fall (which further limits marriage for LGBTQ). 

As a queer immigrant Hmong woman doing work in community organizing, fed up from judgments casted upon what it means to be Hmong enough, beautiful enough, woman/man-strong, she strives to inspire others through wearing creations where individuals can reclaim their own sense of being Hmong, loving their bodies and mind as well as loving their strengths as human beings. No one is ever not woman enough, or Hmong enough.

Oskar continues to be passionate about supporting other artists, designers, models, stylist, and has been privileged to be able to do so. It has deepened her appreciation for the community and the arts, and it has helped her develop a keen vision of who she; artist over designer, using fashion as her canvas.

Playlist Tracks: 
Bob Yang - Kuv Tug Mis Leej Muam
Album: Ncu Kuv; Label: Self
Fres Thao - Home
Album: Mind Full Of; Label: Self
Destiny - Kuv Tsi Paub
Album: Pub Thaum Us; Label: Self
Oskar Ly and Linda Her - Step Into the Light
Album: Untitled; Label: Self
Air Date: 
August 3, 2012