8/2/2012 Disabled and Proud


Nancy Donoval, Christine Stark, and Alison Bergblom Johnson about their fringe show, Chorus: Voices after the Silence.  (Amy was not on the show.)


Chorus:  Voices After the Silence created by Alice Bergblom Johnson and cast

A high-quality collection of storytellers, spoken word artists, and writers present work that stands up to sexual violence.  The cast is a who’s who of local artists containing Fringe favorites Amy Salloway and Katherine Glover.  This show promises excellent writing and a message the audience can sink their teeth into.

Playlist Tracks: 
Randy Newmann - Wild Thornberry's closing
Album: Newest Nicktoons; Label: Kid Rhino
Randy Newmann - Wild Thornberry's Theme
Album: Newest Nicktoons; Label: Kid Rhino
Air Date: 
August 2, 2012

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