Diane Wilson: Car Spirit - Journey to a Dakota Past


Please join Laura Waterman Wittstock on Wednesday, August 1st as she talks with Diane Wilson author of Spirit Car: Journey to a Dakota Past, and Minneapolis City Council Member Elizabeth Glidden as they talk about Spirit Car and its selection for the 2012 "One Minneapolis One Read." That's where everyone in town is invited to read the same book. This will be the second year of the citywide "read," where the entire community is invited to read and join in a community conversation. Diane Wilson will read passages from the book which touches deeply into Dakota lives. She begins when hostilities erupted in 1862, and families were forced to choose sides. Their survival took precedence over the identity of their communities.

Diane Wilson, director of Dream of Wild Health Farm, is the author of Spirit Car: Journey to a Dakota Past, which won a Minnesota Book award. She is a Mdewakanton descendent; her mother was enrolled on the Rosebud Reservation. 

Part Dakota, Wilson delves into her mother's family history, which leads her to the Lower Sioux Reservation, on the Minnesota River, and the Dakota War, which took place there in 1862. After the Treaty of 1851, the government had "persuaded, manipulated, and threatened" the Dakota to move to that reservation, giving up their hunting land and burial grounds to white settlers. The checkerboard pattern of white and Indian land resulted in many mixed marriages.  Wilson had to convince her relatives to tell these moving stories, and now she is determined that they not be forgotten, for "we are the sum of those who have come before us."


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August 1, 2012

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