7/27/2012 HmongFM


In-studio guest: Elvis Thao is in his transition stage again, has put rap aside and is now currently lead singer in his Rock n Roll band called “The Creatives” which just released a new record titled “The Water Street Experiment“. He was currently a star cast in the Warner Bros. motion picture “Gran Torino” and with legendary Clint Eastwood under his belt; Elvis is content to expanding his horizons and has gained experience through the long journey. Ever-reinventing himself, the Filming Industry is his next step which he has also worked with Hollywood actress Bai Ling and on several independent projects. He also sponsored an all-girls soccer recreation team several years ago and is involved in a lot of charities and volunteer work. He is an activist who works with the community and small organizations. Community involvement and social advocate. Public speaker, outreach, workshop and discussion, event coordinator/organizer, plus presenter. He is a graduate of Public Allies (AmeriCorps) 2009 and has a certificate in the Philanthropy Incubator Project. He has been hired at many Universities across the states, regionally and has appeared in many publications, radio stations and television news/media, nationally. I.E. - Shepherd Express, CCN Magazine, New American Media (CA), Hmong Today, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Magazine, New York Times, Fox, NBC, CBS news, A&E, PBS, SPNN Studios, WMSE radio, V100-Clear Channel, Kiss FM, APEX (CA), KFAI Radio (MN), etc. In his past, he was a member of the rap group RARE of Shaolin Entertainment based out of Milwaukee , WI . A rap trio, who were the most recognized icons of his people and ran the most successful Hip Hop recording studio in the Hmong industry, nationally. On the road traveling and touring, performing, building their careers and pushing through to the mainstream for many years, they've worked alongside many big name Industry artists such as Ludacris, Twista, Kanye West, Black Eyed Peas, Afrika Bambaataa, and so on, were looked at by many record labels/A&Rs, and also landed a Hollywood music score, truly possessing the essence of Hip Hop entertainment, thus enhancing the music revolution for the Asian community. After 10 years, 4 albums, managing 2 other artists with 4 other albums and selling thousands on the road – he is now content with his future act and current rock band “Elvis Thao and The Creatives” and is also pursuing acting - look for him. YOU design yourself. Let’s start the movement.

Nominated for Hmong Wisconsin man of the year 2009. Won the 2010 Midwest Urban Empowerment Awards for Asian American Leadership. Certificate as an International 'Top 10' chart single “Take Me Back” on behalf of IAIRA - a Grammy affiliate 2010.

Playlist Tracks: 
Venus on Fire - Motion Picture
Album: My Furious Frenzy; Label: Self
Fres Thao - Queen of the City
Album: Mind Full Of; Label: Self
Elvis Thao and the Creatives - No!
Album: The Waterstreet Experiment; Label: Self
Elvis Thao - Inside - LIVE
Album: The Waterstreet Experiment; Label: Self
Elvis Thao - The Only One - LIVE
Album: The Waterstreet Experiment; Label: Self
Air Date: 
July 27, 2012