7/18/2012 Echo Chamber


A very big show tonight for at least three reasons: tonight was our annual "Lunar Lunatics" special commemorating the first moon landing on July 20, 1969; it was my wife Kerry-Ann's birthday; and we had a bunch of excellent new releases.  Starting things off was the new "Pull It Up!" album from those guys at the Elephant House, the Overproof Soundsystem. Following this was the new "A New Day" album from Jah Marnyah; the cool "Su Bandu" album from Ratapignata; and new releases from Dr. Mooch, Ras Sis Highness, Najavibes, Dub Rifles, and Bunny Rugs (the single "Land We Love: Jamaica").  Our "Lunar Lunatics" included such gems as "One Giant Dub for Mankind" (Tassilli Players),  "A Bunch Of Guys About to Turn Blue" (Drain), "Apollo 11" (Mutant Hi-Fi), "Fly Me to the Moon" (Frank Sinatra), "Walking on the Moon/Walking on the Dub" (Dubxanne), "Mars Invasion" (Soulsteppers), "Star Dub" (Dr. Echo), and "Destination Moon" (Channel U).  

Playlist Tracks: 
*Overproof Sound System - Give I Strength
Album: Pull It Up!; Label: Collision - Cause of Chapter 3
*Jah Marnyah - Rasta Is Love (Bonus Track)
Album: A New Day; Label: Faya Wurks
*Bunny Rugs - Land We Love: Jamaica
Album: Time (to be released); Label: Raw Edge Production
*Ras Sis Highness - Sleepin' Lion
Album: Temptation; Label: Roots Lab International / Springline
*Dub Rifles - Hurricane Dub
Album: Un Paso Al Horizonte; Label: Ape Choons
*Najavibes - Dubalina
Album: Musical Road In Dub; Label: Naja Tree Recordings
Tassilli Players - One Giant Dub for Mankind
Album: Outer Space; Label: Universal Egg
Polcari - A Sunagliera
Album: Luna Rossa (Red Moon) [soundtrack]; Label: Green Queen
Dr. Cat - Momo
Album: Luna Rossa (Red Moon) [soundtrack]; Label: Green Queen
Drain - A Bunch Of Guys About to Turn Blue
Album: Offspeed And In There; Label: Trance Syndicate
Igor Boxx - Fear of a Red Planet
Album: Breslau; Label: Ninja Tune
*Ratapignata - Narami
Album: Su Bandu; Label: Ratapignata/Roots
Culture - Intergalactic Excursion
Album: Scientist Dubs Culture Into A Parallel Universe; Label: RAS / Sanctuary
*Big Shiny - Trans Port
Album: Trans Port; Label: ACEtone
*Longman - Radioactivity
Album: Blood of Fish; Label: self release
Mutant Hi-Fi - Apollo 11
Album: Chainstore Massacre [various artists]; Label: On-U Sound
Dub Syndicate - Higher Than High
Album: Fear of a Green Planet; Label: Shanachie
*Yabass Yaba Radics - Saving the Death Star
Album: Dread Plate Dubs Fan Special; Label: Springline records
Luisa Maita - Desencabulada
Album: Lero-Lero; Label: Cumbancha
*Bandulu Dub vs. Nahuatl Sound System - Cumbia Okachiuali (ft. Ohnri, bass)
Album: Echo Chamber - Around the World In Dub Vol. 1 & 2 [various artists]; Label: Dan Dada
*Leah Rosier - Irie (N-Tone Dub remix)
Album: Echo Chamber - Around the World In Dub Vol. 1 & 2; Label: Dan Dada
Richie Phoe - Twilight Chime
Album: Echo Outernational; Label: Balanced
*Dr. Mooch - Revelation Time
Album: Safari; Label: Muchanza Akapelwa / Mwandi Creations
Italik Dubree - Outter Squirrels
Album: Outter Squirrels; Label: Sub Out Dub In
*Wicked Dub Division - Sound of a Dub
Album: Italian Dub Community Showcase - V.4; Label: Italian Dub Community
*Beats Antique & Hottub - Came to Get Down (instrumental)
Album: Came to Get Down EP; Label: Beats Antique (free Bandcamp.com download)
Dr. Echo - Star Dub
Album: Dr. Echo Presents: Solange St. Croix: Echo Evahlastin'; Label: Anicca
Tassilli Players - Dub of Tranquility
Album: Outer Space; Label: Universal Egg
Hypnophobia - Lunar Blood
Album: On A Dub Mission [various artists]; Label: Dubmission
Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon
Album: Fly Me to the Moon; Label: Hear Music/Rhino
4Hero - Orion (Dollis Dub Mix)
Album: Axiom: Reconstructions and Vexations [various artists]; Label: Axiom
Scientist vs. Cyrus (Random Trio) - Footsteps Dub
Album: Scientist Launches Dubstep into Outer Space; Label: Tectonic/Multiverse
Cyrus (Random Trio) - Footsteps
Album: Scientist Launches Dubstep into Outer Space; Label: Tectonic/Multiverse
Leith Stevens - Into Outer Space [excerpt]
Album: Destination Moon [soundtrack]; Label: Citadel
The Soulsteppers - Mars Invasion
Album: The Return of...; Label: Jump Up!
Dubxanne - Walking on the Moon (Walking on the Dub)
Album: Police in Dub; Label: Echo Beach
Criswell - intro narration "Grave Robbers from Outer Space"
Album: Plan 9 from Outer Space [Wade Williams III]; Label: Performance Records
Stephen Endelman - Orion Nebula [excerpt]
Album: Passport to the Universe; Label: Engine Group
Terminal Cheesecake - King of All Spaceheads
Album: King of All Spaceheads; Label: Jackass
Stereolab - Prisoner of Mars
Album: Dots and Loops; Label: Elektra
Channel U - Destination Moon (Chimp Beams Remix)
Album: Ape Man Talking; Label: Concent Productions
(overlaps previous track) Leith Stevens - Escape from the Moon
Album: Destination Moon [soundtrack]; Label: Citadel
Air Date: 
July 18, 2012