7/15/2012 Eritrean Community Radio



Program Starts with Eritrean news in English followed by news in Tigrigna from Eritrea by Gebremeskel Gebrezgiabiher. 

Also played was President Isaias Afwerki's speech on the occasion of the 25th annual graduation from SAWA training center followed by the Eritrean youth group in Minnesota (YPFDJ) and their various programs. Finally the program ended by getting people's opinion from listeners regarding the Eritrean Soccer Federation in North America's accusation against the community.

Playlist Tracks: 
Tesfai Mehari (Fihira) - MerAna
Album: MerAna; Label: Eritrean
YPFDJ - YPFDJ Youth Program
Topics: Picnics and participation request by Eritrean youth for their trip to Toronto in late August
Open Microphone - ERSFNA
Topics: Eritrean Soccer Federation's accusation against the Eritrean Community Center in Minnesota and the people's response.
Air Date: 
July 15, 2012

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