7/15/2012 Century Song


today we had special guests Kit, Kate, and Josh of Gracious Calamity from the Whitehaus Family in the Boston Area...they played live in the studio

Playlist Tracks: 
Unknown Artist - Kalandar
Album: Baluchistan 1; Label: Iranian music society
Kim so-hee - Scene from Shim Ch'ung-ga
Album: P'ansori; Label: nonesuch
enah Sukaenah - Kacapi Suling
Album: Sundanese Classical Music; Label: World Music Library
Cran - Brendan Tonra's
Album: Black, black, black; Label: cladagh
unknown artist - Katonda oyo Nalimana
Album: Abayudaya:music of the Jewish people of Uganda; Label: Smithsonian
Dermot Byrne.Floriane Blancke - reels
Album: unknown album; Label: byrne
unknown artist - Danse le'ba
Album: Yemen: music of the High Plateaux; Label: playasound
Nikki and the Ruemates - My old Dreams
Album: Rise and Shine ; Label: own label
unknown artist - lambok Malam
Album: Music of Indonesia 6; Label: smithsonian
Nalle - Iron's Oath
Album: by Chance upon Wakin; Label: Pickled Egg
Air Date: 
July 15, 2012