10/12/2007 MN Soundtrack


**Glorious Monster/Photographs/Adventures on Earth/Skeptik Music

**Estate/Fortis Ride/The Vacation/

Maps of Norway/Manners/

**Kill the Vultures/Where the Cutthroats Stay/Midnight Pine

Cloud Cult/Please Remain Calm/The Meaing of 8/Earthology Records


Painted Saints Cardboard/Rules of Twine/Miles of Twine/

Thunder in the Valley/94 in Reverse/Where oh Where oh Where/Ragged but Right Records

The Stnnng/

**Chastity Brown/Dream in Color Vision/Do the You Can

**Desdamona/The Source/The Source/Zlink Entertainment

Los Nativos/Slow and Low

**Brother Ali/

**Goergia Peach/You Blow My Mind/


Aaron Rice

Playlist Tracks: 
Air Date: 
October 12, 2007

The Minnesota Sound Archives