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What can I say?  Repulsar is a "band" like no other.  (If you can call 'em a band).  They are more like performance artists.  MJ Gilmore was on assignment this week so Kelly Kongsgard got sucked into this job and I must say she did a remarkable job of holding things together.  Repulsar has a traditon of grabbing anyone off the street to join their performance each evening.  It doesn't matter what they play or even if they've ever heard of Repulsar.  Just get on the stage and wingit!  Naturally I asked Jenny Dalton to take part in this tradition but she respectfully declined, understandably.  But Casey Moo, that's another story.  As soon as he showed up and heard of the scenario, he was down in the parking lot digging in his van for equipment.  They didn't have to twist HIS arm.  So he set up and the rest is history.  By the way (and I knew this would happen) once Jenny Dalton got set up for her segment and played her set Repulsar wouldn't let her leave!  So she was a part of the "band" after all and a great time was had by all.

Also in this show Cher Dial interviewed a band from England by the name of Whitemoor and MJ Gilmore turned in an interview of Paul Christian before she left on assignment.

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