10/12/2007 Across The Board


Mick Ronson - Only After Dark
David Bowie - Love Missile F 1 -11
Blonde - Boom Boom In The Zoom Zoom Room
Space Ghost - Something That Rhymes With Bones
Hazel O'Connor - Monsters In Disguise
Ministry - Lay Lady Lay
Yip Yip Aliens - Telephone
Lou Reed - Rock N Roll Heart
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax
Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love

**Legendary Pink Dots set**
Black Zone
Green Gang 98 (live)
Six Cats On A Dead Man's Chest (Edward Ka-Spel)
Scarlett Cross (Edward Ka-Spel)

Rob Dougan - Furious Angels
Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin
1000 Homo DJ's (with Trent Reznor) - Supernaut
Coil - Love's Secret Domain
Frankenstein The All-Star Monster Band - Red Phantoms Of Zombie Island
John Carpenter - The Boogey Man Is Coming / The Shape
All The Pretty Horses - Boys Revolution
The Jesus Mary Chain - Almost Gold
The Pixies - Wave Of Mutilation (U.K. Surf)

**For my wife Jenni on our 5th Anniversary**
Nico - These Days
The Zombies - Time Of The Season
David Bowie - Penny Lane

Playlist Tracks: