7/8/2012 Root Of All Evil

Playlist Tracks: 
Anti Tank Nun - Hard, Capricious, Rowdy, Lethal
Album: Hang'em High; Label: Metal Mind Productions
Agony Column - 4 X 4
Album: God, Guns & Guts; Label: Big Chief
F.K.U. - Beware
Album: Metal Moshing Mad; Label: Black Diamond Productions
Hellyeah - Drink Drank Drunk
Album: Band Of Brothers; Label: Eleven Seven
Bodyfarm - Tombstone Crusher
Album: Malevolence; Label: Cyclone Empire
Deretla - Time Child
Album: Advance Track 2012 EP; Label: Self Released
Daigoro - Human Plague
Album: Demo 2011; Label: Self Released
Invidiosis - Free Wheel Burnin
Album: A Specious Existence; Label: Self Released
Bio-Cancer - Backstabbed Again
Album: Ear Piercing Thrash; Label: Athens Thrash Attack
Death Breath - Giving Head to the Dead
Album: Let It sink; Label: Black Lodge Records
Suicidal Tendencies - Scream Out
Album: Freedumb; Label: Side One
Nuclear Monstrosity - Show Me Your Atomic tits
Album: So Lets nuke Em First; Label: Unsigned/independent
Terrordrome - Conceit is Disease
Album: The Day of Sacrilege; Label: Grindethic Records
Dethklok - Birthday Dethday
Album: The Dethalbum; Label: Williams Street
Amon - Semblance Of Man
Album: Liar in Wait; Label: Self-released/independent
Sepultura - Territory (live Minneapolis)
Album: Roots Bloody Roots; Label: Roadrunner
Dawn Of Demise - He Rises Again
Album: Rejoice in Vengeance; Label: Unique Leader Records
Sin Of God - The Violator
Album: Limbus EP; Label: Unsigned/independent
Obituary - Til Death
Album: Slowly We Rot; Label: Roadrunner
Porky Vagina - Cock N Roll
Album: Bukkageddon; Label: Self-released/independent
Beauty Of Decay - Transparent
Album: Live Root Of All Evil Radio; Label: Root Of All Evil Radio Live Records
Beauty Of Decay - Cryptic
Album: Live Root Of All Evil Radio; Label: Root Of All Evil Radio Live Records
Beauty Of Decay - End Of All
Album: Live Root Of All Evil Radio; Label: Root Of All Evil Radio Live Records
Beauty Of Decay - Simultaneous Suicide
Album: Live Root Of All Evil Radio; Label: Root Of All Evil Radio Live Records
Wormed - Uncoloured Plasma Orifices Transported
Album: Quasineutrality; Label: Pathologically Explicit Recordings
Saccage - Motorcrust
Album: Death Crust Satanique; Label: Croquemort Productions
Anal Blast - Spraying Blood
Album: Puss Blood Pentagram; Label: Self-released/independent
Gorepot - Diarrhea Bong Juice
Album: Extreme Bong Fest; Label: BrutalReign Productions
Cock and Ball Torture - Juicy Lucy
Album: Opus(sy) VI; Label: Shredded Records
Defeated Sanity - Consumed by Repugnance
Album: Chapters of Repugnance; Label: Willowtip Records
Deeds Of Flesh - Waters Of Space
Album: Of Whats To Come; Label: Unique Leader Records
Kataklysm - Beckoning of the Xul (Segment II - In the Midst of the Azonei's Dominion)
Album: The Temple Of Knowledge; Label: Nuclear Blast
Origin - Swarm
Album: Entity; Label: Nuclear Blast
Infinited Hate - Horn Priest
Album: Heaven Termination; Label: Displeased Records
Chainsaw - El Diablo
Album: Under A Pale Sun Cadavers Rot; Label: Unsigned/independent
Dismember - Legion
Album: Dismember; Label: Regain Records
Dismember - Beyond The Unholy Grave
Album: Indecent & Obscene; Label: Nuclear Blast
Dismember - Sorrowfiller
Album: Indecent & Obscene; Label: Nuclear Blast
Interment - Where Death Will Increase
Album: Where Death Will Increase 1991-1994; Label: Necroharmonic Productions
Inverloch - Within Frozen Beauty
Album: Dusk Subside; Label: Relapse Records
Morbid Macabre - The Truth Of Your Lies
Album: Hell and Damnation; Label: Mórbida Productions
My Dying Bride - Vast Choirs
Album: As The Flower Withers; Label: Peaceville Records
Sangria - My Pleasure
Album: Fleshback; Label: Unsigned/independent
Hypnos - Alliance Of Snakes / Reptillian Conception
Album: Heretic Command; Label: Einheit Produktionen
Celtic Frost - The Usurper
Album: To Mega Therion; Label: Noise Records
Tombthroat - I, Supremacy
Album: Eden Apocalypse; Label: Blast Head Records
Impaled Nazarene - Motorpenis
Album: Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Pieces; Label: Osmose Productions
Entombed - When In Sodom
Album: When In Sodom Revisited; Label: Screaming Records
Rumplestiltskin Grinder - Desert Goblins
Album: Ghostmaker; Label: Candlelight / Lumberjack
Natan - Wild Huntside
Album: As; Label: Unsigned/independent
Thorns - Erie Descent
Album: Thorns Vs. Emperor; Label: Moonfog Productions
Agalloch - Faustian Echoes
Album: Faustian Echoes; Label: Dammerung Arts
Burning Witch - History Of Hell
Album: Rift Canyon Dreams; Label: Merciless Records
Wolves In The Throne Room - Subterranean Initiation
Album: Celestial Lineage; Label: Southern Lord Recordings
Vintersorg - Polarnatten
Album: Orkan; Label: Napalm
Drudkh - Breath OF Cold Black Soil
Album: Eternal Turn Of The Wheel; Label: Season Of Mist
Towards Darkness - Holy, Dying, Lifting
Album: Barren; Label: Napalm
Heidevolk - In het Woud Gezworen
Album: Batavi; Label: Napalm
DAAL - Dodecahedron Part IX
Album: Dodecahedron; Label: davideguidoni.com
Air Date: 
July 8, 2012

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