7/4/2012 Dart Gun Radio


Playlist Tracks: 
halo of flies - how does it feel to feel
Album: Music for insect minds; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
the Lovin' Spoonful - Summer in the City
Album: Various Artists Pure 60's; Label: idone
Calexico - Sonic Wind
Album: Hot Rail; Label: Touch and go
Rights Researved - People who kill me
Album: Rights researved ep; Label: self released
John Spenser Blues Explision - Hot Shot
Album: now I got worry; Label: Matador
Kepone - Stay Down
Album: Skin; Label: Quarterstick
T bone Burnett - 7 times hotter than fire
Album: the true false Identity; Label: DMZ
the Black Keys - just a little heat
Album: Magic Potion; Label: Nonesuch
Naked Raygun - Treason
Album: Huge Bigness; Label: Quarterstick
Crystak Castles - Pap Smear
Album: II; Label: Motown
Shonen Knife - Psychotherapy
Album: Osaka Ramones; Label: Good Charamel Records
Shonen Knife - We're a happy Family
Album: Osaka Ramones; Label: Good Charamel Records
the Bellrays - Psychotic Hate Man
Album: hard, sweat and sticky; Label: Anodyne
Burning Brides - If I'm A Man
Album: Fall of the plastic empire; Label: V2
that Handsome devil - Viva Discordia
Album: A city dressed; Label: modern
Karp - Forget the Minions
Album: Karp; Label: K-Records
Arsenal - when heads collide
Album: factory smog; Label: Touch and go
God Bullies - Monster Jesus
Album: Dog show; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
the Jam - heat wave
Album: Setting Sons; Label: Decca
the Avengers - the American in me
Album: American in me; Label: Lookout
Bikini Kill - reject All American
Album: reject all American; Label: Kill Rock stars
wipers - Telepathic Love
Album: Alien Boy ep; Label: Zeno records
Big Black - Ergot
Album: Songs about fucking; Label: touch and go
the Drub - Abdominal stomp
Album: Demo; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Great Big Sea - Kiss my Irish Ass
Album: ep; Label: self released
the Beets - You don't want to be Dead
Album: Let the Poison Out; Label: Hardly Art
Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps
Album: Boom in the Night; Label: Rior
the Caesars - Only you
Album: 39 minutes of bliss; Label: Astralwerks
Husker Du - Broken Home, Broken Heart
Album: Zen Arcade; Label: SST
Jesus Lizard - Fly on the wall
Album: Bang; Label: Touch and go
the Cows - No, I'm not comnig out
Album: Sorry in pig minor; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
the Cows - I'm Blown
Album: Sexy pee story; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
hot hot heat - Bandages
Album: Make up to break up; Label: Sub Pop
Hot snakes - think about Carbs
Album: audit in process; Label: Swami
devo - Through being cool
Album: new Traditions; Label: Warner
the Rollingstones - 19th Nervous Breakdown
Album: hot rocks; Label: ABKCO music
Ministry - Stigmata
Album: Greatest Fits; Label: Cleopatra
the Scientists - When Fate deals it's mortal blow
Album: Sedition; Label: ATP
Air Date: 
July 4, 2012

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