6/22/2012 Jet Set Planet


Linda Laine - Don't Do It Baby
album: Reflections; label: RPM
Richard Hayman - Samba de Victoria
album: Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine; label: Command
Dick Schory - Jungle Root
album: Movin' On; label: RCA
Out Islanders - Sea Breeze
album: Polynesian Fantasy; label: Capitol
Keith Mansfied - Sun Lover
album: Time to Fly; label: KPM
Yma Sumac - Kon Tiki
album: Legend of the Sun Virgin; label: Capitol
Yma Sumac - My Pigeon
album: Fuego del Andes; label: Capitol
Bas Sheva - Lust
album: Passions; label: Capitol
Gene Rains - Lotus Land
album: Lotus Land; label: Decca
Tropical Fire - Ba-Kuba
album: African Voodoo; label: Syst
Walter Wanderly - Baby Rock (5)
album: Rhythm of Romance; label: Odeon
Robert Drasnin - You
album: Voodoo!; label: Tops
Command All-Stars - The Very Thought of You
album: Bongos Bongos Bongos; label: Command
Rosengarden and Kraus - Tony's Wife
album: Like_Bongos!; label: Time
Mary Kaye Trio - Day In, Day Out
album: Jackpot!; label: WB
Skip Martin - Hammer Blow
album: Mike Hammer; label: RCA
Les And Larry Elgert - Leaving on a Jet Plane
album: Nashville Country Sound; label: Swampfire
Dominic Frontiere - Snake Dance
album: Hammersmith is Out; label: Capitol
George Garvarentz - Cosa Nostra' from Mexico
album: The Came to Rob Las Vegas!; label: Harkit
David Shire - I'm a Police Officer/ Renewing Disguises/Goodby Green, Hello Garber, Goodbye Hippie/Smoking More, Enjoying it Less
album: The Taking of Pelham 123; label: FSM
Peter Schirmann - Olivin 2
album: Popshopping 2; label: CDHW
Stu Philipps - Randy Throws in the Towel
album: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls; label: Harkit
The Mind Expanders - Pulsation
album: What's Happening; label: Dot
101 Strings - Where Were You in 1982
album: Astro Sounds from Beyond 2000; label: Alshire
Guido and Maurizio De Angelis - Il Grande Racket (9)
album: Il Grande Racket; label: Digimovies
Piero Umiliani - Caretera Panamericana
album: To-Day's Dound; label: Right Tempo
Ennio Morricone - Percussivamene
album: Psycho Morricone; label: GDM
Stu Philipps - Find It (14)
album: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls; label: Harkit

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June 22, 2012

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