6/20/2012 Freewheelin'


"We Hope You're Ready For Flo & Eddie" + Kim Lenz + Old Californio interviews........fun show today.  Started off with a surprise phone call by Kim Lenz.  She's so cool, we had to drop what we were doing to chat with her.  Her band, Kim Lenz & The Jaguars are coming back to town to play Lee's Liquor Lounge tomorrow night (well, that depends on when you're reading this, doesn't it?).  Thursday 6/21 it is, or was.


Today was the debut of our new weekly segment "We Hope You're Ready For Flo & Eddie".  Who, you say?  Well, Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan, a.k.a. Flo & Eddie,  have been entertaining people since their early teen days as the surf band The Crossfires. They then hit it big as founding members of The Turtles, the great rock band from Los Angeles.  The band broke up due to poor management and the limitations of their small record label.  They next did a 180 from the pop world and joined forces with Frank Zappa as members of The Mothers of Invention.  Unfortunately, Mark and Howard weren't able to use their real names due to legal battles with the previously mentioned label.  They then assumed the pseudonyms Flo & Eddie, apparently nicknames for a couple of Zappa's roadies........you know what, their career is so varied and entertaining, I'd be here all night writting it for you.  So, to save myself from loss of sleep, here's a link to a brief discography of some of the records on which they've appeared: Flo & Eddie discography. Now, if you really want to learn more, click over to the "history" section of that page.  If you go that far, then you owe it to yourself to read parts 2, 3, and 4. 


Today we featured a track by Stephen Stills "Buyin' Time" from his Illegal Stills album.  Flo & Eddie sang backup vocals on that album.  Then we went to their beautiful cover, as The Turtles, of Warren Zevon's "Like the Seasons".  We closed the segment out with a track from Rock Steady with Flo & Eddie entitled "Rock With Me"


Old Californio, from Burbank, is coming to town to play with Steve Kaul & The Brass Kings at Lee's Liquor Lounge this Friday night.  Justin Smith of the band called in from somewhere on the road in the middle of Illinois to chat with us for a while.  We played a few tracks from their Sundrunk Angels release, talked about the band, and gave away some tickets to the show.  More information is available at Old Californio.   If you make it to the show, don't be shy about saying hi to Angie or me. 


What else?  You can check out the playlist for the entire collection of music we played today.  But, I'd at least like to give a nod to the new releases we played today, including Sonny Landreth, Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, Little Feat, and Paul Thorn. 

Playlist Tracks: 
THEME SONG: Dave Alvin (2000) - Walk Right In
Album: Public Domain; Label: Hightone
Todd Snider (2012) - Sangria Wine
Album: Time As We Know It: Songs of Jerry Jeff Walker; Label: Aimless
Jimmie Dale Gilmore (1989) - Dallas
Album: Jimmie Dale Gilmore; Label: Hightone
Kim Lenz & The Jaguars (1999) - Choctaw Boogie
Album: The One & Only; Label: Hightone
Kim Lenz & the Jaguars (1999) - You've Met Your Match
Album: The One & Only; Label: Hightone
Grant Lee Buffalo (1993) - Dixie Drug Store
Album: Fuzzy; Label: Slash
Sonny Landreth (2012) - Wonderide
Album: Elemental Journey; Label: sonnylandreth.com
Rick Estrin & The Nightcats (2012) - Lucky You
Album: One Wrong Turn; Label: Alligator
Beach Boys (1965) - You're So Good To Me
Album: Best of The Beach Boys, vol.1; Label: Capitol
The Kinks (1971) - Muswell Hillbilly
Album: Muswell Hillbillies; Label: RCA
The Kinks (1969) - Shangri-La
Album: Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire); Label: Reprise
the Pines (2009) - Skipper and His Wife
Album: Tremolo; Label: Red House
Wilco (1996) - Someday Soon
Album: Being There; Label: Reprise
Little Feat (2012) - Candy Man Blues
Album: Rooster Rag; Label: Rounder
Paul Thorn (2012) - Don't Let Me Down Again
Album: What The Hell Is Going On?; Label: Perpetual Obscurity Records
more to come, I'm typing as fast as I can........ -
Album: ; Label:
Grayson Capps (2011) - Coconut Moonshine
Album: The Lost Cause Minstels; Label: The Royal Potato Family
We Hope You're Ready For Flo & Eddie -
Album: ; Label:
Flo & Eddie (1972) - Flo & Eddie Theme
Album: Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan: The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie; Label: Reprise
Stephen Stills (1976) - Buyin' Time
Album: Illegal Stills; Label: CBS
The Turtles (1967) - Like The Seasons
Album: Happy Together; Label: White Whale
Flo & Eddie (1981) - Rock With Me
Album: Rock Steady With Flo & Eddie; Label: Epiphany
Old Californio (2011) - Jewels And The Dross
Album: Sundrunk Angels; Label: oldcalifornio.com
Old Californio (2011) - Just A Matter Of Time
Album: Sundrunk Angels; Label: oldcalifornio.com
Old Californio (2011) - Dark Fire
Album: Sundrunk Angels; Label: oldcalifornio.com
Air Date: 
June 20, 2012