Rosy Simas Danse on First Person Radio 6/13/2012



Join Laura Waterman Wittstock as she talks with Choreographer Rosy Simas, Seneca Nation, whose work investigates the visible world through choreography, sound and images. Simas makes dances that an audience can not only see but perceive viscerally and kinesthetically. The foundation of her work comes from within. Creating dance from sensation, emotion, states, memory, and the systems of the body makes this possible. Her impressionistic style challenges audiences to see movement as driven by internal conditions and challenges ideas about what current contemporary Western choreography is.
Also joining us in the discussion is Japanese-American photographer Douglas Beasley whose personal vision explores the spiritual and emotional aspects of people and place. His photography is concerned with how the sacred is recognized and expressed in the everyday life of many cultures, including his own. Doug’s photographs are widely exhibited and collected and he is a highly respected educator, helping others find their creative voice.


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Rosy Simas - Choreographer, Seneca Nation
Douglas Beasley - Photographer
Air Date: 
June 13, 2012

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