6/10/2012 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentation - We offer up Boogie Woogie to the Stars and Bach Again, from the Stars and Stuff collection.  Another spectacular sounding space fantasy from ZBS.  A professor of Voodoo Studies is sent to investigate a Human colony in deep space, but he ends up on the wrong planet.  So he must spend his time escaping from a series of unexpected creatures and harrowing events. Written by Meatball Fulton, with music by Tim Clark.

There are always audio theater works I can't broadcast for some reason.  But you might like them, so I list a lot of them on the Sound Affects website.  Today let me recommend BrokenSea audio, in New Zealand.  They have a number of original works, and quite a few pieces for fans of other media, such as Escape From New York, and Conan the Barbarian.

Playlist Tracks: 
Meatball Fulton - Boogie Woogie to the Stars
Album: Stars and Stuff; Label: ZBS.org
Air Date: 
June 10, 2012

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